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Blue Wish Delphiniums, a Joyful Brush live painting, 30X30, oil
Blue Wish Delphiniums, a Joyful Brush live painting, 30X30, oil

Now that the new Colorado Springs home and studio are unpacked, now that the boxes are a memory and the renovation teams have left the building, it’s time to take a deep breath and take stock of this new environment! I wake up each morning amazed and excited that I am actually living in a place this beautiful. Each day stepping out the front door and seeing the sunlight on Pike’s Peak fills me with a sense of peace and joy.

It’s amazing how life shifts gears from time to time, and relocating to higher elevations has been a beautiful climb, every step of the way. This morning the hubby was watching one of his favorite cooking shows, and an internationally famous chef said something that caused me to leap up and take note. He was reflecting on how social media has changed the way artists (and chefs and those who create) are perceived in the world, especially for chefs who have a large following. What folks see, he noted, when he shares a photo of a visually perfect dish, is beauty, artistry, and something completely amazing. What the world doesn’t see, he said, is the 30 or so years it took him to gain the skill to craft, create and master that dish. It appears easy. It wasn’t easy.

However, the thing that makes social media a positive force is this: It forces us to elevate our craft. It energizes us to be even better each time we share, each time we create, and each time we dream of the next step in our personal journey.

It’s a big responsibility when you find yourself in a position of having quite a few followers in social media to make sure your messaging is positive. One of the things I try to do every day is to seek out beginning artists, and encourage and uplift them when they share their paintings where others can see them, whether it’s on Facebook or Instagram. One kind word can make all the difference in whether that artist keeps painting. You never know what challenges another artist is facing, whether it’s financial, whether it’s a battle for the time and space to create, or whether they’re caring for a loved one or facing and conquering a personal illness.

A small encouragement or uplifting comment can sometimes make all the difference, and carry them through a terrible emotional or physical battle. I’ve been the recipient of such kindnesses on more than one occasion, and for that I am truly grateful. There are angels all around us. Sometimes we don’t see them until we need them the most, and sometimes those angels are friends holding paintbrushes.


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Blue in the Aspens
Blue in the Aspens, 30X30




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  1. So, so, so true! Encouragement is something we all need as we are all in different phases of our journey! Nancy, you are always so positive and offer wonderful constructive help! Thank you!

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