Ballet Slipper Pink Peonies and the Birds and the Bees

Ballet Slipper Pink Peonies
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
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Ballet Slipper Pink Peonies is the newest painting in Flower Mound Studio, based on the fresh flower models who kindly stayed up late with the artist with little or no complaint. It was a beautiful day in my garden, my oak leaf hydrangea is in its glory, after weeks of rain. I was able to catch a few rays this afternoon, between clouds, and noticed after a few moments I was sharing my chair with George the tree lizard. Actually, I am quite sure he was George the X!!!, since he was a rather spry youngster compared to his George the Lizard cousins hanging out on the gate puffing their little chins at one another. I hope your day included a few moments of contemplation (aka napping) in a sunny garden!

The studio models take a siesta (as opposed to a bow….)

A little water dabbling and napping in the garden today!

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