A Little Orange House in Italy and The Joyful Brush

Steps to Peace, 12X12, oil

We arrived in Sant’Angelo in Vado in time for the annual flower festival, and walked through rose petals as we made our way to the hotel. In our first two days in Italy, we visited the home of Rafael, walked in the footsteps of Dante at Castello della Pieve, and visited the gardens of a 1000-year old abbey overlooking Borgo Pace, a town named for peace. It’s no wonder that the Le Marche region has more centenarians than anywhere else in Italy. The water, the food, and the gentle day to day life seem to have escaped the net of the frantic pace that consumes so much at home.

With azure skies at dusk, sunset lights an orange house with fiery color, and I am quite certain I could live happily in that little orange house in Sant’Angelo forever. Beauty here is intentional, whether it’s a lace curtain, or windowboxes filled with flowers along every alleyway, finding simple ways to enrich life seems the Italian way.

My class arrived Sunday, and we’ve been painting landscapes and florals near the Museum of Color, and exploring this hidden gem of Europe together. I’ve been sharing the experiences, videos, and images of Italy with my monthly online class, Petal Perks group, so sign up for the journey, and stay tuned for the flavors of Italy in oil!

PS – Congratulations to Patricia S – winner of a fine art floral print for leaving a comment on my bloggy last week! Leave a comment here and you will be entered to win an original fine art print!


A little orange house in Italy!


Italy alumni!


Resting my toes after a day of painting at the abbey!

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  1. I have not been to Italy but this reminds me of France. One home may be painted and look lovely and the homes to each side look in need of a little TLC. It is a little like life, you take the good with the bad.

  2. Just to let you know , Nancy and Carlos, but the lady /company that won the Worlds Gelato Making Contest is from Ottawa, and her gelato is to die for. So beside our Canada Birthday, you could eat gelato and drink wine. Freezing Ottawa is sounding pretty good now , right. Thanks for the response. Have a great day.

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