The Best Place for an Artist to Live in the US

C'est la Vie Pink Daisies Nancy Medina
C’est la Vie Pink Daisies, 20X20, oil


Where is the best place in the US for an artist to live? If you could up and move anywhere, where would you plant your easel? I posed this question to my Facebook friends a few days ago. Over 250 recommendations were shared, and a map of the US was tagged with the most frequent picks. Artists who lived in particular locations for years shared the pros and cons of each place. Oregon is beautiful, but taxes are high and the last place there just sold last week, one artist wrote (she bought it!). Florida is awesome, but prepare for bugs, heat, hurricanes and alligators, another said. New Mexico, Colorado, California, Virginia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, North Carolina, and Flower Mound, Texas were just a few more that came highly recommended. My heart rate picked up at the mention of Asheville, North Carolina; Watercolor, Florida; Fair Hope, Alabama; Mackinac Island, Michigan; New Orleans, Louisiana; Laguna Beach, California; and Camano Island, Washington. Can you imagine being able to pick any of these dream locations, plant your brushes there, and let them bloom?

Are we moving Flower Mound Studio and leaving Texas behind? Truth is, we have had some big changes this year. The dream studio I so hoped for, was put on hold last week due to contractor challenges. Now we are deciding whether to begin the process over again and find a new contractor for the studio addition, buy a second smaller home in a great location, or sell altogether and relocate somewhere new and inspiring. Interestingly, many of you who shared comments based them on whether there would be galleries nearby. Others weighed the choice on whether the type of art in a particular location matched my style, or the distance from an airport. Weather, cost of living, politics, and local flower markets were also weighed and discussed in comments shared. What was the top recommendation? The place that makes you, the artist, the happiest. The exciting news is, since so much of my business is virtual now, I can live almost anywhere (well, almost anywhere within reason, and with easy access to fresh donuts, of course!).

If you have the perfect recommendation and some keen artists’ insights, I would absolutely love to hear from you. There is no point of view more valuable than the point of view from an artist with boots on the ground! I’ve shared the referral map from Facebook here for you. Unless someone activated a tag with their comment, a tag doesn’t show, so it’s not an entirely accurate view of the top choices that were shared. But it sure is fun to see the trends! And it is exciting to have the whole world, and so many possibilities stretching ahead as far as my dreams can reach!

PS – Congratulations to Cheryl Banducci, last week’s blog post comment winner! A million thanks to everyone who shared their survival stories of how they overcame their critics and went on to shine. Cheryl will receive a fine art print of Terra Bianca White Sunflower, and an archival canvas pad for creating beautiful blossoms ’til the cows come home!

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Places to live in the US
Best places for artists to live in the US

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Nancy Medina

Nancy is a master signature artist and instructor with over 1800 online students from around the world. She has worked with Disney, served on the art faculty of the Dallas Arboretum, and teaches workshops in France, Italy and across the US. More about Nancy

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  1. Bonjour chère amie,

    Je ne suis pas très présente en ce moment sur les blogs… Cependant j’admire tes très belles oeuvres lorsque je vais faire un petit tour sur Facebook.
    Je vois que tu as des projets d’agrandissement d’atelier. Ce n’est pas facile de gérer tout ça !…
    Ton voyage en Italie a dû enrichir ton âme… j’aime beaucoup l’Italie.
    Dans quelques jours je retourne dans le sud de la France, à Saint-Tropez où j’ai vécu de nombreuses années. Je m’arrête à Aix en Provence pour mon exposition. Je serai présente à mon vernissage le 5 Août. Dommage que tu ne sois pas dans le coin ! Retournes-tu dans le sud en septembre ?
    Mon lieu de prédilection pour peindre est le sud de la France, bien sûr. En seconde position je dirais la Normandie, Honfleur puis la Bretagne…
    Ton dernier tableau est splendide, rempli de couleurs vivifiantes. J’adore !

    Gros bisous

    • Martine J’espère que vous avez une merveilleuse exposition! Je suis d’accord, le sud de la France est un endroit merveilleux, j’aimerais pouvoir visiter plus souvent! En vous envoyant de bons voeux de loin!

    • Cela ressemble à une très belle Martine! Je n’ai pas encore visité la Provence, mais j’espère bientôt. Je serai à Frayssinet (près de Gourdon) en septembre et en octobre. Nous sommes comme des navires qui passent la nuit! – Les câlins les plus chauds et les vœux appréciés, Nancy

  2. For the pure abundance of natural beauty to inspire more flowers than ever Hawaii would be my top choice in spite of insects and the occasional storm. Cost of living and traveling are high but what are you hoarding it for? Rather than move there i would have a second home there reserved for artist retreats to fill the artistic soul and maybe have space for visitors to paint also.

  3. I don’t do Fb —
    Here is my suggestion Nancy!!
    But you should consider St. Augustine, Fla!!
    It’s the Oldest City in the US so you have that European charm. It has the most beautiful beach which will draw any artist!! It has Flagler College (the Ponce de Leon Hotel) where you could hold your classes during the summer when you are not in Europe and even be a guest instructor. It has ALWAYS been known as an Artist community. The local restaurants are divine and you can easily fly into the Jacksonville OR the Daytona airport!!
    I live in Atlanta, but I grew up in St.Augustine and go back to visit Mom every month.
    I would love to show you my wonderful town!!
    Most Sincerely,
    Suzan Persons

    • Suzan I hope to visit someday, I’ve seen such paintable photos posted from there and the history is amazing!

  4. Hello sweet Nancy, I have know answer for where to move. I thought you were going to tell us where you were moving too. I like Carolyn’s idea about you buying the Le Veiw in France. I would happily rent a room there. It is the most magical place I have ever been. If I could move close to the ocean I think I would love that and plant many lovely flowers. Have a lovely day and hugs to you my dear artisit friend. Peggy from Kansas

    • Ah Peggy, wouldn’t that be a dream come true, to own Le Vieux and invite all my artist friends there every summer! Miss you bunches! xo

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