Construction on the New Studio Begins

Red Christmas poppies detail
Red Christmas Poppies, detail, 12X12, oil

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I usually listen to books on tape while painting, but I’ve got a new soundtrack this week – walls imploding, jackhammers drumming, and ceilings a-lifting. My new studio is finally under construction! Fortunately, I’m not required to supervise, but it is fun to see doorways appearing, bathrooms disappear, and ceilings rising 8 feet higher into the air. It’s amazing what two construction workers fueled by Carlos’ egg-potato-bacon breakfast burritos can accomplish!

Thanks for all your gorgeous suggestions. It’s not too late for me to make even more additions to the construction wish list (hey, the guys are still in the building!), so  I’d love to hear your awesome dream studio ideas. Thanks to you, I’ve added goodies I hadn’t considered before (faux wood tile flooring, a new fireplace, shiplap, oh my!). I’ll be sharing before and after pictures in my next monthly newsletter or tune into the next episode of Flower Mound Studio Fixer Uppers for the colorful scoop. Don’t forget your hardhat and goggles, ladies!

The journey from idea to conception has been a long one, with many twists and turns. I learned one particularly important lesson along the way, a cautionary word of advice to anyone planning a studio renovation in future, so tune into my monthly newsletter for more on that.

What’s on your dream studio checklist? Leave a comment, and you’re entered to win a new tote bag!


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  1. How exciting!! You studio sounds like heaven – and a fire place! whoo hoo!! Do you also have some space for mini plant / flower containers by the windows?? And a mini french country side themed water fountain would make the whole pace zen like, not that it is not already 🙂 I wish I could have a studio space – my own little piece of peace and quiet. Beautiful french windows, natural lighting, plenty of storage space, a sturdy easel, a table to work on, a comfy chair, a great music system, wall mounted television to watch Nancy medina videos :)…. Oh I could go on….and one thing I don’t want – that would be a phone outlet! Well, am glad I got that out of my system. Do not know if it will become a reality considering I have been dreaming and wishing this for many years now….

    • Shweta great minds think alike! The hubby is going to move the Bose sound system into the studio. I’m really excited about having nice music to paint to, something I’ve never really been able to do before! I’m sending good thoughts for your future dream space to paint. Maybe it will be a freestanding cottage on acres of flower gardens, with a pond and fountain! Dream big! Holiday hugs xoxoxo

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