Do You Believe in Signs?

Intertwined Hydrangeas Nancy Medina
Intertwined Hydrangeas, 20X16, oil

Last week I received a note from another artist that made me stop in my tracks. She shared that we had a few things in common. Her name was Nancy and her mother was also a talented writer who revealed her gifts to her family late in life. I thought that was so cool, I decided to hop over to Facebook and find out more about her. That’s when I discovered she also had a pet named Java. Her Java is a bird, mine was a pug, but really those two types of critters are so often confused with one another, don’t you agree?

The older I get, or shall I say the more experienced I get, the less I believe in coincidences. I think we encounter people in our lives at times when we need these encounters to happen. Call it signs or letters from angels, I am ever more watchful for these occurrences. Now that I spend so much time teaching groups of (mostly) women, I’ve also begun to notice that every class has a different energy. My role as a teacher sometimes is not just to teach painting, but to channel that energy to positive places. Artists are so driven to create, it’s no wonder our journeys tend to mirror one another.

Do you believe in coincidence, or do you believe in signs? Have you ever had things happen you simply cannot explain? I would love to hear your thoughts, you beautiful, creative soul, you!

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Nancy Medina

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  1. I love the idea of your “signs”
    It’s true! The older I get the more surprises (connections) with strangers seem to happen. The world just keeps getting smaller

  2. I do not believe in coincidences. I believe that God plans things for our lives and we need to look for them. I’m glad He has given us the most beautiful world to paint!

  3. I guess the most surprising thing that happened to me was naming my first child, a daughter after my favorite Grandfather HA White.
    I never knew what HA stood for. Picked her name out of a baby book. Named her Adria. My Grandfather’s name was H Adrian White. Now I have a GGSON named Adrian after Grandpa Adrian. This is so special to me. Yes I do believe that people come into our lifes maybe just a glance, but it is a knowing. Hugs

  4. The stars do a line at the right time. I’m 56 looking up my ancestry. I knew nothing about my birthfather or his family. I had been going back and forth about doing my DNA. I finally did the rest and found a great aunt on my father’s side. She and I spoke for the first this past Saturday. She said “I found a kindred spirit”. I was over the moon.

  5. I just wonder why the timing was off to meet you. I used to live in the Lewisville/Flower Mound area and I sometimes think if you were teaching then, I could have gone to the Dallas Arboretum or Fredricksburg and taken classes with you. That would have been fun!

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