Studio Remodel Details Revealed

Halos and Daisies

Halos and Daisies, 16X16, oil, information


Happy New Year from the Flower Mound construction zone. Don’t forget your hardhats and goggles, and we have tiny little hairnets for your paintbrushes to keep the dust out of their ferrels. It’s grand seeing a new studio come together, but even more exciting is the arrival of the studio bling! Chandeliers, a new fireplace, faux wood tile, shiny new shiplap, French doors (Squeeeee!!), new baskets and French wall hangings and all sorts of things I never should have bought before construction concluded are here. Let me rephrase that: And all sorts of things I bought when hubby was out running errands and won’t he be surprised!

The space is being designed especially with you in mind! The new studio will be the base for my North Texas workshops. Less than a week after I announced my March workshop in Flower Mound Studio, it was full! Thank you so much for this warm reception, I’m overwhelmed! So I’ve opened another for those who couldn’t get in. This will be the perfect time of year to defrost your bloomers and get those brushes swinging with warm color. The new workshop will be held February 23-25, 2018, with three days of painting, lunches by Chef Carlos, and occasional drop-ins by the pug helpers (depending on their other social engagements). Limited to eight seats, I’ll save one for you. Mi flower casa is su flower casa! Find out more here...

In this week’s episode of Flower Mound Fixer Uppers, the exciting development was the appearance of a big doorway where once there was none. Soon this new door will have an elegant archway over the top. I’m already loving how much light streams through the whole house, since the studio space has a big north-facing window. This is the “new” back wall of the studio, which expanded to encompass two rooms.


Studio doors remodel
Before and after – French doors will open out from the back wall of the studio.


Last weekend, the hubby and I took a trip to Southlake, Texas, to shop for studio lights. One thing we Texans do well, is shop, and Southlake is a must for the serious Lone Star shopper. There were so many lights to choose from, but I knew instantly which one I wanted for the studio. I’m going to share some here, and see if you can guess which one: A, B, or C? Leave your comment as a reply to this blog post, I’m excited to see what the most popular choice will be!

Which light would you choose, A, B, or C?


The Year 2017 has been a whirlwind year, and my final workshop in Southern France at Le Vieux Couvent is filling fast. In 2018, big changes are coming for monthly online class members of The Joyful Brush, with cool new features and new paintings. Introductory pricing ends for the Joyful Brush on January 10, 2018, but all current members will retain the regular pricing so this is the best time to join!

Want to win a $100 gift box of art supplies? Leave a comment here on my blog and share your dream studio ideas! I’ll announce the winner on January 30 here on the bloggy!


gift certificate


PB France Video

Prepare for your next beautiful adventure in France! Join me in June 2018


Oops, I got Bill’s arm in this picture of the Le Vieux Couvent patio!


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  1. B would be fun with shiplap and arched doorways. But would it cast shadows? C is really glamorous.
    When I look at A I think of brush strokes. What a decision .

  2. Hi Nancy,
    I would go for B, but any of them would be great. B has some glamour and the black makes it pop.

  3. Hi Nancy,
    My favorite chandelier is also C, but I also think you might have gone for B since it appears more “artistic”. Here’s an idea I thought about doing in my back bedroom that serves as my studio: Wall rails to stack all those paintings on, as I can see how you’d get overwhelmed with canvases if you paint frequently.
    Can’t wait to see the studio in March, I’ve been painting a lot, hope you see an improvement, LOL!

  4. My dream studio would have lots of space and light – plus a wonderful view of nature out of all of the windows.

  5. B is my choice, it is open, which give the illusion of space and has a flowing movement to it. Circles keep going with end. The other two are pretty, B for sure.

  6. I love option C!! And as far as my dream studio is concerned, it would be to have a studio in the first place! I usually paint at the dining table or my sons room… would love to see the day when I could have a space of my own 🙂

  7. Hi Nancy,
    I love B and I think it will be amazing in your studio. I would love my studio to have high ceilings and lots of windows. It would have lots of storage for my art supplies with doors that close to hide the clutter in an instant!

  8. Love B! Great mix of styles: contemporary and classic lines with “blingy” romantic crystals. Can’t wait for a tour of the whole studio!

  9. I love B. My ideal studio would definitely have plenty of good lighting and a great hanging system for paintings.

  10. Of the 3, I would choose B. Because honestly, I like wrought iron…. but mostly, the others look like a complete nightmare to keep free of dust and dirt and hair. I have reached the age where I now look at things in terms of how easy or difficult they would be to keep clean. Sad, huh? LOL!

  11. I definitely like “A”… C looks too formal and stuffy for an artist’s studio. B is fun and trendy, but really cold and contemporary. I like A for it’s softness and diffused light. My studio has a big double window that faces north and I get wonderfully soft light all morning and into the early afternoon.
    Disclaimer: these opinions are being expressed while under the influence of bourbon (I DO live in Kentucky) and lemon juice (and honey) for a cough/bronchitis I cannot shake. . Happy remodeling!!!

    • Get well soon Martha, and save me a little nip of your medicinal healing beverage! 😉

  12. B is my favorite. I love the shape as it curves around. A wound given an even soft light, but I still go back to B. I look forward to seeing it all come together.

  13. While C is gorgeous it is too fancy. B is a fun look that look like a globe because you are a traveler. My guess would be A because it looks like a flower.

  14. In my dream studio sp, ace, I’d would have a nice sitting area, with c ouch, coffee table, books to look thru for inspiration!!

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