French Gardens

Poppy edge
Pirouette Poppy Garden, detail, 30X30 poppy garden, information


I fell in love with French bees in the gardens of Southern France this year. These happy creatures flit about in the poppies and lavender, filling up on pollen and working steadily at jobs they seem to relish. Much larger and fluffier than the little bees here in Texas, they seem to linger over their pollen, swirling tiny wine glasses of dew and musing to themselves about the quality of French honey. Or perhaps they’re thanking their lucky bee stars they’re not French snails, destined for a pot of bubbly warm butter.  I captured some video footage of these fuzzy creatures in action for you, be sure to turn up the volume and linger for the proper cultural immersion…

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This week we’re painting brilliant birds and bees in my Flower Mound workshop from my French garden photos. We’re also celebrating the winner of the Garden Party photo contest – Sharon Dwello’s image of her garden was the winning entry, and she’ll be receiving a fine art print of the painting I created for her (scroll down for a peek!). There were over 100 amazing images shared! Thanks a million, Sharon, and to everyone who entered the photo contest. What a fun task, going through all these gorgeous photos of gardens from around the world.

In the meantime, here are some French gardens to contemplate and, if you look closely, you might just spot a few happy bees….

PS – On July 12, I’ll be announcing the winner of a $100 art gift certificate. How to be entered to win? Just leave a comment here on the bloggy!


All photos of French gardens are copyright protected, s’il vous plait!

france blog collage 1

July blog quote

france blog collage 2


Garden party blog script

Dwello garden entry
Sharon’s garden


Garden dwelling
Garden Dwelling, 12X12, oil




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The view from Sant’Angelo

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  1. Love all the beautiful photos. The winning photo and painting is stunning….
    Congrats to Sharon, she must be so excited to receive such a wonderful gift from you.❤️

  2. Beautiful painting of Shannon’s garden!! Lucky her great pictures of the French gardens Nancy….hope to see all this on person sometime..

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