Garden Party

Sunlight Ballet Peony detail
Sunlight Ballet Peony, detail, 16X12, oil,  information

The garden has been calling me lately, and each time I answer, I get into trouble. I linger, dally, and spend utterly too much time puttering around pots and clipping faded blossoms. Right now, for example, I’m distracted by some red geraniums peeping in the window, pressing their faces to the glass and making little come hither gestures with their petals.

I should be writing, packing for France, editing filmed lessons, and painting! But outside, a whole ‘nother world is blooming. There’s a queue for the bird bath (no peeping please!), the hydrangeas are opening, and a new baby dove is cooing in the alcove above my porch swing. Instead of feeling guilty, I’ll invite you to join me. What say we dawdle in the garden together?

Here are a few images I discovered yesterday when I stepped out with my cuppa tea. Tell me, do you get a sense something happened overnight, a party to which you nor I were invited, perhaps?

Blog quote may 22

Here’s a spring invitation with your name on it! Email your garden photos – I’ll pick the top 10 images and send you the written color steps for how to paint them in my palette. For the winning image, I’ll paint the scene and send you a fine art print as my thanks. Please, only send images of photos you have personally taken.

Email your large sized garden images to:




Avery garden party
Everyone needs a little helper!


I’m saving a comfy cushion for you in the garden, my dear!


Because you never know when you’ll need to water something…


Apparently the lamp shades were all taken…


The sun reached down and bathed the flowers in rays of love…


Yes, little turtle, pansies are edible!


Someone is ready for the royal wedding…


I must have geraniums, always, always…!


Garden Party Ant
More please…!



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Reader Interactions


  1. Fabulous photos, Nancy! Love your blog. And your paintings. And your gardens. And your pugs. And…..and…and….!

  2. Great photos & now I need to add a few more fun critters to my garden! Love the”garden party” idea & I’ll email you a few photos soon.

  3. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and through the artist’s eyes, everything becomes enchanted.
    A nodding flower shades the peaceful bystanding dove, who is mesmerized by the regal crane, adorned in white hydrangea, readied for the royal wedding parade. While the amicable turtle feasts on the blue violet, the ant is screaming for more bordeaux. Meanwhile Her Majesty looks on in her pensive mood…
    That’s a day in May in a full color spectrum blooming garden.
    Follow Nancy in her wonderland … into her virtual world.

    • I love your photos. I have tons of garden photos I’d like to share with you. So I’ll be sending my five along soon. Great ideas .

  4. Such a lovely garden!! Who wouldn’t want to spend all their time there… is so idyllic and fairy tale like…i love your little garden sculptures…adds so much character to the space…I don’t have a garden…I have just started growing little things in pots and containers on the deck of my apartment….but hopefully some day I will have a beautiful garden….it may not be great but I will definitely send you a picture of what little I have… 🙂

  5. Nancy, you make the saying, ‘friends are flowers in the garden of life’ come true.

  6. First was the crabapple trees sweet scent, next was the huge lilac bush and now the Little Kim lilac bush that smell so awesome and wishing it would last all summer. Can’t paint that but wish we could. ( and yes, I can smell that over the near by cattle yards) When spring slows down there Will be time to paint again.

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