Little Miracles and Fairy Dust

Angel Wing Peonies
Angel Wing Peonies, 24X24, oil, information

I’m counting little miracles today, as the local flower market got its third weekly shipment of Alaskan peonies on the exact day I was shopping on a supposed quest for bread and milk. It’s no secret by now that I make a beeline for the blossoms, even if I’m under strict orders from the chef not to dally. There is only one thing that can be done, when a plethora of peonies keeps piling in: Paint those little darlins til the cows come home!

I hope you’re not tired of peonies by now, and as an apology for all the binge painting of these bloomers, I’m sharing a video of Fairy Dust Peonies from my Youtube channel. If you enjoy the show, be sure to Subscribe for more goodies to come.

Your peony video is blooming here

I feel quite certain you won’t judge me harshly for indulging in all this pink. One of the fringe benefits of working in a culture largely made up of women is forgiveness, love, and unending encouragement and support. The pace of my art life is frantic these days, with a video shoot tomorrow, a workshop being hosted here in studio next week, and shipments for the Italy class going out the week after. I’m surrounded by good stress, most of the time, rather than the bad kind, and working from home has its benefits. Whenever needed, I take hummingbird breaks to inspect my three large feeders, all for my one hummer who visits quite regularly. (We have to make sure she doesn’t go hungry, after all.) My coworkers underfoot have paws and have been known to snore on the job, but they do give the best kisses. With the chef also heading up the business side of things, I have to say I’m one lucky duck. I hope you enjoy the peony video, even if the best part is watching on your break time with your feet up and a little furry friend nearby to help with the popcorn!

My 2 girls, Avery and Taylor, lending a paw!


What’s the password?


Fairy Dust Peony
Pink Fairy Dust Peonies, 14X14, oil, information

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