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Drama Queen Poppy
Drama Queen Poppy, 20-minute painting, oil, sold


Every week or so, I abandon everything I know and let the brushes charge ahead without an off switch or edit button engaged. This past week I finished a series of 20-minute paintings each day, pushing the envelope outside my comfort zone with small works. The final painting in the series was Drama Queen Poppy, in all transparent color with the timer counting down. One of my friends asked how many poppies I’ve painted, and it was hard to pinpoint, looking back over 8 years of daily painting, exactly what that number would be. But poppies I had painted that I felt excited about, poppies that leapt onto the canvas as if fueled by some magical energy sizzling through the brush, I would count as a much smaller number.

One thing that draws the line between a work of art and an exciting work of art is the personal enthusiasm the artist feels at the moment of creation, an effervescent joy that comes through on a subliminal level. Years ago when I was a runner (yes, MANY years ago!), the toughest thing to overcome in reaching the five, 10 and 12 mile mark, was mental rather than physical. What did you eat the day before, how much sleep did you get the night before, are you stressed about something – these were all the questions asked, when trying to determine how to get peak performance. Trust me, with my 11-minute mile, I was not a real runner by any means. My goal was not to collapse into a frothing heap at mile three.

Where is your head when you’re painting? Are you present, rested, and well prepared? And, more importantly, what is your level of excitement about the subject you’re painting? Daily painting in some ways is like training for a marathon. It’s predictable, it’s a process, it’s ritualistic, and, after it becomes habit, it is a comfort. Cleaning the brushes, prepping the canvas, getting your mind in the right place, all of these steps help you to do that one thing that’s crucial – they help you put your whole heart into the work. On your last painting, was the spark there, were you fully engaged and joyfully participating in every stroke that made the painting come to life? I would love to hear from you, flower friend. Isn’t it a beautiful, fickle, and mysterious thing, this painting journey we share, that keeps us coming back for more?


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  1. Poppies and Hummingbirds are two of my favorite things. Really makes me happy when I see your paintings.
    Twenty minute paintings are a super idea. Wish it didn’t take me an hour to setup. lol
    I have a cell phone cover with umbrella. Reminds me to finish my courtyard. Thanks for sharing. If my name is randomly selected I would love a Hummingbird Pillow. Hugs.

  2. Love the 20 minute poppy & thanks for the timely reminder to ‘check my troubles’ at the easel & enjoy the process!

  3. I would love to paint every day. Like you say in most of your classes, that is probably the best way to grow as an artist…I am yet to discover my own style..years of painting tight has made me my evolution / change right now a bit hard…right now I am
    discovering the joys of transparent colors and loose strokes through your lessons and hopefully this will help me out 🙂

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