The Best Place in the World to Paint

Rose Retreat
Rose Retreat, 12X12, oil, detail


If you could travel anywhere in the world to paint, where would you go? I shared a similar question a few weeks ago, asking where was the best place for an artist to live in the US. So many good ideas came pouring in, and hundreds of suggestions from art friends. Islands and coastal regions and places with palm trees in the US were top picks, but if you could expand your painting dream to the entire world, just imagine where you could go!

Where does your artist’s heart long to see, more than anywhere else in the world? Would you choose a historic city, countryside, mountains, rain forests, or perhaps an ancient village with a really nice gelato establishment and great shopping? Would you want to paint historic cathedrals or tropical gardens along the southern European coast? Just thinking about the possibilities makes me want to reach for a paint brush!

The biggest lesson I’ve learned from painting overseas is that there are kind people everywhere. We may speak different languages, but we have more in common than our differences. There are moms and dads, grandparents who adore their grandbabies, and people who love all the same things we do – flowers, good food, learning about new people and places, and making new friends. It’s hard to feel alienated from someone who spends 20 minutes explaining to you with hand gestures how to store the fresh picked apples from their garden they’ve just given you as a gift! And the funny thing is, in  Europe, artists are still revered. Sharing that you are there to paint someone’s beautiful countryside is sometimes all it takes to make a lifelong friend!

Share your painting dream travel destination right here by leaving a comment on my blog post, and you’re entered to win a fine art print of Rose Retreat! Congratulations to last week’s winner, Cheryl Banducci, a shipment went out today to Miss Cheryl containing a print of Bianca Terra White Sunflower and a pad of canvas painting paper!

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    • Kathleen I love it too! And low cost of living – hubby doesn’t feel it’s safe to travel there anymore, unless we stay on a resort.

  1. I love Europe and mostly, Italy but I would have to say that the Panhandle of Texas is my home and where I paint. 4 seasons give you so much beauty.

  2. Ireland. I lived there 5 years. So much beauty in such a small place- mountains, rivers, ocean, old stone walls, quaint villages, thatched houses, abundant flowers. I could go on and on, but the best part is the charming Irish who add to the beauty of it all.

    • I’ve thought about this all day..yhere are so many places on my list…west coast of ireland, english gardens, the famous flower show in london, cinque terre,venice,santorini,kenya during the migration, india taj mahal, south pacific…i hope i have time for all of them

  3. Having been to the Hawaii Islands three times, I would have to say that is where I would choose to live and paint. Would be there now if I did not have grandchildren to care for. If I had the money, I would put us all on a plane today. Definitely the Islands.

  4. Living in Florida is the perfect place for me…I love the ocean, the Dolphins, the birds, the seashells! My art journey has been one of roses but with the help of confidence with Nancy’s courses I am ready to explore all that is a part our Florida world! >^..^<

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