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Sweet Dreams Geranium Garden
Sweet Dreams Geranium Garden, 16X20, oil, sold


A friend was terribly upset yesterday when a social media troll attacked her post on Facebook. She had shared how joyful it made her feel, to see all the artwork shared there by so many talented people. By sharing her joy, she attracted the ire of someone whose goal it was to share darkness.

This reminded me of something I’ve been considering for some time – something that is not unique to artists, but is consistent with so many of the artists I know. It’s the way artists live, it’s who they are. Artists are the light makers and seekers. By nature, artists who are steeped in their journeys are creators, painting, producing, growing and learning, and sometimes sharing that journey with others. All of these actions are a way of giving positive energy to the universe. While this may sound a bit kumbaya, it’s been interesting to see how different my life has become when I compare 30 years in corporate America to the past 5 years working with artists. I know one thing for certain, when you give positive thoughts, when you create, when you paint, when you bring beauty to this world, there is a reciprocating joy and fulfillment, a positive energy that is given back to you. Doors open, when you move in the right direction, toward your dreams and toward who you are truly meant to be.

Let us dance in the sun, wearing wildflowers in our hair, and let us huddle together as darkness takes over. We are at home amidst the birds and the trees, for we are children of nature. – Susan Polis Schutz


Bee Joyful
Bee Joyful, 14X14, oil, sold

Painting Brilliant Birds and Bees

My March 23 workshop is full, but there are a few seats left for Painting Brilliant Birds and Bees in Flower Gardens, July 13-15, 2018, here in Flower Mound, Texas, just 15 minutes from DFW International Airport in North Texas. You’ll get to meet the pug helpers, and have special meals prepared by Chef Carlos, with lunch in the flower gardens, in this super small workshop with plenty of teacher TLC.

Painting Brilliant Birds & Bees
July 13-15, 2018
Flower Mound Studio

Get the Buzz Here

As a bonus especially for you, spring is the perfect time to give away a new $100 gift certificate for art supplies! Tubes of joy, boxes from on the doorstep, brushes in pristine clear wrappers, all the things that make an artists’ heart to go pitty pat! To be entered to win, leave a comment on the blog, easy as pie. And please, if you’re already signed up for the July workshop, don’t bring the artist pie. She has already converted all her jeans to stretchy! I’ll announce the winner on July 12, just in time for the Birds and the Bees in the studio!

Disclaimer: Content in the July Birds & Bees workshop has been approved by the Workshop Association of America with a rating of Bee Gee, suitable for all audiences. Some scenes do depict shockingly bold color, however.


Italy shutters
A day of life in an ancient Italian village – filled with color!

PS: Join me for a VIP painting dream getaway to Italy during the National Truffle Festival in Le Marche region in October 2018.

Get all the delicious Italy details here


Italy banner


PPS: In 2018, big changes are here for monthly online class members of The Joyful Brush, with cool new features and new paintings. Get your color on here!

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More good things

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  1. Thank you, Nancy. Thank you for your uplifting encouraging words, for bringing beauty, light and joy to my life. A whole new world has opened up, a world of brilliant color and light. For the first time, I actually tell people I am an artist! Thank you so much!

  2. A glass half full life opens many doors to happiness. Negativity is so counter productive! Clear out the clutter in your life that’s holding you hostage. Nancy thank you for all the happiness and light you have shared with all of us. It’s a contagious path !!

  3. Have you ever heard the saying “God lets us see the shadows so we can better appreciate the Light” ?
    Please tell your friend for me that darkness can never conquer Light so paint on, Beauty, paint on. Bring your special brand of joy and light to the world. You will never be sorry and the world needs it!

  4. The world needs all the light makers/workers it has right now. Thanks Nancy for being an example of how to turn on the light in darkness

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