A Holiday Tote Winner and My First Flower Mound Workshop

Holiday Glimmer Poinsettias

Holiday Glimmer Poinsettias, 16X12, oil —

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Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, and early Happy New Year! Thanks to everyone who shared their ideas for a dream art studio. I’ve picked the best of the list based on all the suggestions over the past few months, and some exciting additions are coming. The winner of the tote bag drawing for leaving a suggestion is….Janne Potter! The new studio is now under construction, and all manner of workers have been visiting. Upon first entering Flower Mound Studio, each is subjected to the “pug litmus test.” Those who enthusiastically share pats and hellos are given a high ranking by Avery the Pug Puppy. So far the winner has been John the Plumber. Avery is hoping a pipe will burst so he will return soon. Stay tuned to my monthly newsletter for pictures of the studio work in progress, as walls fall down, ceilings rise up, and flooring and lights go in (and hopefully, no water pipes burst!)

I’m thrilled to announce my first Flower Mound, Texas, workshop, thanks to the new studio. This will be a small class with lots of TLC, an evening reception and lunches provided. Check out the details here! Since I’ll be hosting in my very own studio, you’ll have a chance to experience all the little extras that come with life in Flower Mound (eg, pugs, noise, and a cameraman who cooks!). It’s been my dream for many years to open my studio to small groups, and I’m incredibly fortunate to be able to invite you to join me here for the very first time! Mi flower casa is su flower casa!

2017 has been a whirlwind year, with workshops in France and Italy and the launch of my first destination e-course, Paint Brilliant Italy. My online classes grew to 1000 students, and Disney asked me to collaborate with them on Beauty and the Beast. In 2018, big changes are coming for monthly online class members of The Joyful Brush, with cool new features and new paintings. Introductory pricing ends for my monthly online Joyful Brush on January 10, 2018, but all current Joyful Brush members will retain the regular pricing so this is the best time to join!

Want to win a $100 gift box of art supplies? Leave a comment here on my blog and share your dream studio ideas! I’ll announce the winner on January 30 here on the bloggy!


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PS – This week I’m honored to be one of 12 Texas artists featured in the 2018 Dallas Business Journal Book of Lists. Editor Brandon J. Call included my painting, Let the Joy in Roses, as the cover for the Foundations and Nonprofits section, a cool designation considering I recently moved from the world of nonprofits to working in my own studio full time.


Book of Lists


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  1. My dream studio is just to not have to share it with my office. That’s be pretty ding danged good. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Congratulations on ALL of your accomplishments this year!

    • Barb that sounds like the beginning of a song! Thanks for the good wishes, holiday hugs are coming your way! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I would love to attend one of your workshops, maybe it would help me get my art mojo back. Thank you for your continuing inspiration Nancy!

  3. I love the color of that poinsettia!!!
    Looking forward to seeing the changes in the studio. just ONE more reason for me to come to TX ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. My dream studio would be filled with canvas and paints, storage bins with loads of beautiful artwork that I created, an area for my grandchildren to sit and create beautiful art with me. A room filled with sunshine and art.

  5. What a generous gift! All of my art supplies are currently boxed up in storage due to a possible upcoming move. I MISS being creative and having access to my studio supplies! Once unpacked I definitely want to take your classes.

    I love following happy, adorable, talented YOU! I wish you the very best always, my Flower Friend!

  6. Your new studio sounds so exciting! I love your style and your spirit. My new yearโ€™s resolution: take a trip to Flower Mound Studio (or abroad!) to paint.
    Happy New Year, Nancy.

    • Lynne I’m crossing all my fingers and toes that your new year’s resolution comes true! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I was so happy to receive a seat in your April workshop and a print of one of your paintings for Christmas! Happy holidays and Iโ€™ll see you in a few months!

  8. Your painting gets more lovely and vibrant each year. The poinsettias are gorgeous! I’m looking forward to seeing the new studio. Merry Christmas to and your family.

  9. Hope your holidays were special. They certainly were Busy! Love your blogs. The best studio would be bright and spacious with plenty of room for those pugs. Congratulations on your accomplishments in 2017.

  10. You guys have just got to meet this lovely person, in person. What you see on video is who she is. Adorable, talented, kind, funny…

  11. Merry Christmas and I could really nuse all the wonderful art materials. Hugs and still have wonderful memories from the trip to France. Kee painting sweet Nancy I love all your wonderful flowers!!!!! Love from Kansas,Peggy

  12. Congrats on all the happenings in your world, new studio, exciting new class in Flower Mound and the article and exciting cover in the Dallas Business Journal..all so positive. My perfect studio, would be a simple room with lots of storage and room for my pups to sprawl out without me tripping over them…big windows that open, with lots of natural daylight looking over a view of my garden and water, a built pond with natural rock and the sound of running water. Access to all the paints I could ever want.

  13. Although I am not your mom I am so VERY proud of you!
    You went with your gut and bravely followed your dreams with passion and found joy in every stroke even though you were faced with negatives.
    You are an example for ALL of us who have been following you throughout these years.
    Cheers to you, Carlos and your 4-pawed babies.
    May 2018 bring you the abundance of more adventures as you follow your dreams!
    โ™ฅ๏ธAnd hugs from one of your many followers!

    • Robyne thank you for the giggle, you creative lady, you – can’t wait to see what you create with those new tubes of caribbean blue! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. My dream studio would be a separate building with two heat sources since we live in the mountains of Idaho. Tons of windows with the ability to open them and shades you can see through to block out the heat of the sun in the summer. It would have a bathroom in it and a farmhouse sink to make it easy to clean brushes.

  15. Dear Nancy! You have been such an inspiration to me, from your late 2016 Bootcamp, to the present Joyful brush!
    I started out painting at my kitchen table, then took over an unused (dark) bedroom, then made that bedroom into a small studio. 2018 will bring some changes here too! My handy husband has plans to convert an outdoor shed into a stand alone studio, with heat and air, woot!! Iโ€™ve asked him for lots of natural light, and a place to store canvases, panels, and finished artwork. The storage will be vertical, and only about 16โ€ deep. The height can vary to store taller canvases. If there are larger canvases than can slip into the slots, there will be a loft to fit those!
    Best to you, Carlos, and the puggies, for a brilliant, colorful 2018!

    • Vicki that is fabulous! I hope you’ll share photos when your dream studio is complete, you know we ALL want to share in the joy with you. I’m so glad to share this journey with you, what a wild and colorful journey it has been!

  16. Watching you paint, looks so easy; ah, not so! However I will keep trying. Looking forward to learning much in the new year.
    Your Puggies are adorable!

  17. It’s a challenge to develop a studio like setting in my Texas home and Colorado home. My dream studio would have unfinished floors, lots of natural light, a cleaning area and space to put paintings in progress up high where they can be studied to continue working on. Love your work and congratulations on your new studio!

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