When I Grow Old

French Pink Bicycle
French Pink Bicycle, 12X12, oil

I used to think when I got old, I’d learn how to play piano. I would watch my Mother play and imagine what it would be like to have a talent that transports you to another place and fills you with joy. But time has raced by, and it turns out I arrived at old age years ago, and have yet to schedule a single piano lesson. These days my goal is to slow down, but the Flower Mound Studio art train seems determined to stay on the crazy track. Next week we have students from across the US arriving for a workshop and the new online class, Paint Brilliant Santa Fe, launched 2 weeks ago. We also added a new family member to the pug crew, 1-year old Oliver, because one can never have too much of a good thing when that good thing happens to be pug-shaped.

How do you slow down when life seems determined to sweep you along on a tidal wave of news, chores, checklists and worries? Smart friends say they schedule “me time” whether it’s in the morning or evenings, for reading and relaxing. It’s all about scheduling! Sometimes it seems impossible to stop the crazy train, so I have a plan up my sleeve, next time the train slows down for a curve, I’m going to hop off, drop and roll, after tucking in the pointy bits to fend off bruising. My favorite holiday is just around the corner, so this always puts me in an optimistic frame of mind. I suspect that I’ll be safely ensconced in a turkey and cherry pie coma for at least a day or two afterward, thanks also to lots of foods that require butter. (That sums up the extent of my cooking knowledge!)

What’s your escape plan in the coming holiday season? I would love to hear your advice and wisdom. And if you also have a recipe that requires lots of butter, that would be grand, since we all know that a recipe without butter is a recipe for disaster!


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Nancy and Avery
Avery, aka the Queen Bee

Oliver and his sisters, Avery and Taylor


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  1. Love you post! This, too, is my favorite time of year. I love the cooler temperatures and the changing color of our world. The cocoa each evening is now in full swing and we had our first fire a couple days ago. It feels so good to be home. This time of year is when I have the urge to sew and quilt, as I prepare to create beautiful gifts for my family. However, I also manage to spend some “me time” in my studio creating paintings too. Big hugs to your puggy babies! Love you Nancy! – Susan

    • Susan I love that you have two arts you manage so well! Enjoy a cup of cocoa with extra whippy creme for me! x

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