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Iris Sympatico
Iris Sympatico, 14X14, oil on gallery wrap canvas, sold

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At this point, most of us are taking stock of our year and getting the scales out. Was it successful? Was it a good year, or a bad one? Students who have joined me for in-person workshops have heard me say, if you have an art business, your expenses are tax deductible. Your workshops are tax deductible. Your supplies are tax deductible. Your art-related travel is tax deductible. Importantly, you must be a business owner in good standing. Pay your sales tax. Pay your art-related federal income tax. If it all seems overwhelming, hire a professional to help you (I have three female business owners on my team!)

The benefits of being a business owner, an art business owner, can be excellent. The happiest people are business owners. Mainly because they control their own destinies, their own schedules, and their own success (and did I mention they get to choose their customers?).

Does art pay? It absolutely does. Not every year is going to be stellar. As a business owner, you have to be able to change and adapt. As an art business owner, you have to be able to look at future trends and embrace new technologies. I left the corporate world behind to become a full-time artist, and financially it was a very smart move. My salary has quadrupled. I can breathe. Little miracles have rained down, and I admit to being astounded at some of them. This year Disney called. This year the Dallas Business Journal named me to its Book of Lists. This year I was invited to paint on national television. But being financially successful was not the reason I left corporate America and made the leap to become a full-time artist. I wanted freedom. Freedom to paint, freedom to travel and freedom to teach. I needed time in front of the easel.

The paradigm for art sales and art as a business has changed so much in the past 7 years, I suspect there is more change coming our way soon. Whatever is ahead, if you are passionate about your craft, and what you have to give or share, you will succeed. Success may come in increments. Brace yourself for the lows, and keep aiming for the highs. In the end it is your tolerance for failure that will determine whether you’ll make it to the next level. If you do what you love you will succeed. It sounds like a cliche, but I’m telling you, it’s true – art pays.

Do you know a female business owner? Find a female business owner you know, and tell them how awesome they are. Sometimes as female business owners, we face even more obstacles and more intense scrutiny. Some female business owners literally never. stop. working. Seek out one of your friends and send some encouragement her way! Remember we need to lift one another up in this journey…

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Fredericksburg poppies
Wildseed Farms, one of our destinations for my April 2018 Fredericksburg, Texas, workshop!

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