Building a Dream Studio and Disney in the Wings


If you could build your dream art studio, with everything your heart desires, what would it look like? Would your space be all about lighting? Would it include high ceilings and lots of windows? Or would you want something completely outside the box?

Initial planning for my new dream studio began this week. Flower Mound Art Studio is getting a face lift! All the moving parts in a project this size are mind boggling for this daisy painter. Acquiring permits, meeting with architects, deciding where to put doors, and do I want a closet? Choosing between French doors and barn doors and deciding on baseboards, oh my. What if I get it wrong? Can I paint over it? No? So I decided to ask the experts – you!

Let me know what YOU would like in your dream studio and all your blue sky dream-come-true ingredients. For each suggestion I incorporate into my new studio, I’ll feature you and your idea right here on the bloggy! After all, you’re helping me wrap my color drenched brain around the biggest dream project ever!

Questions about my Disney gig have been pouring in, in the meantime. Next week here on the Blossom Blog, I’ll be sharing photos and more from the Disney Flower Workshop held to promote the premier of Beauty and the Beast! I can’t wait to see the movie, I’ll be in the VIP line for the premier! woohoo! I wonder if I’ll get to meet Mickey….


A Disney event filled…with flowers!


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  1. Hi Nancy,

    What fun to plan a new studio! A blank canvas so to speak.

    My suggestion would be to add lots of the plate rack type of shelving to lean and display finished works of art rather than hanging them. This way you don’t mar your walls every time you add your latest painting. This would be a great backdrop for your videos.

    Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

    Have fun,


  2. What a dream come true! I’d want big north windows, and I’d bring in a lighting engineer to design daylight for when the sun isn’t shining. I’d also want lots of closet space with barn doors so the world can’t see my messy collection of paint tubes.

  3. If I had my wish, even if it weren’t for a studio but also for my living room, kitchen and bedrooms, I’d LOVE some of those awesome floor to ceiling glass walls on all the outside walls… doors that open up completely to make the space a real part of the outdoors and give you all that wonderful natural lighting and expansive views!! They have accordian folding or sliding types available! I see them on House Hunter and renovation type TV shows quite often and whenever I do my heart skips a beat and I just swoon!!

    What my husband and I are currently planning is the how/what/where of shelves for drying works-in-progress and storing other canvas/ampersand boards. My husband says they are taking over every space in the house.

  4. Nancy enjoy your blogs and newsletters but miss everything else as I don’t do Facebook

    So happy for your success. I know it is a lot of hard work

    Your fellow Flower Mounder

  5. I am sharing your awesome Disney Adventure with my GgSons. They are so excited for you. Especially the four year old, Adrian. Budding Artist.
    Lightning that I can control would be the most important thing to me. As you age your eyes need more light, not necessarily from windows. I find the glare is blinding. So I will follow closely how you light your dream studio. So very happy for you.

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