Something New Is Coming and the Art of Comedy With Steve Martin

Rising Wind Bluebonnets, 16X16, oil

On April 27, I’ll be announcing something absolutely, completely new. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for you for quite a while, something I’ve never done before, and it’s been in the works since late last year. Behind the scenes, my team has been super busy creating, building, fashioning and designing something beautiful and exciting and totally outside the box! And yes, it’s all for you!

So many plates are spinning and I have more to say on that subject, but first I have to share, the hubby has signed up for Steve Martin’s masterclass on comedy. I’m not sure how this is going to affect our marriage, but I’m sure we will all benefit to some degree (even a 0.0001% of a degree) during the live Facebook videos when hubby is behind the camera directing. I promise to keep you apprised of how Carlos’ blossoming career as a standup comic progresses, and, if at some point a funny occurs, shall also share that promptly with you so we can examine, bisect, and assess its level of hilarity and provide the hubby with helpful feedback and pointers for improvement. After all, we’ve had years of critiquing our own work, why not apply those well honed skills to another craft? What do you think?

That said, I have on many occasions encouraged you to step outside your comfort zone, to set aside inhibitions and take leaps and splash paint around with wonder, joy and no fear. This month, I’m putting my own advice to the test! My third e-course is in full swing, and planning a future filled with color is always at the forefront. Over the past year, you’ve shared feedback, suggestions, questions and dream come true wishes for what would make your art journey better. I’ve been listening and I’ve been taking notes! The most important thing about my job as an art teacher is to give you the tools you need to make your art journey successful. And remember, we artists measure success most of all by one thing – Joy.

If you want to be the first to hear the big news leave a comment here and sign up for my newsletter. You will be the first to have a chance to kick the tires and dive into a new and colorful experience with me. We’ll be just like Thelma and Louise, off to where the road and life are about to take us – a sparkling, brand new journey awaits!

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  1. I love your statement that as artists we “measure success most of all by one thing – Joy.” Years ago, as I was learning to be a photographer and artist, I felt incredible joy in creating my work, even when it wasn’t yet very good.

    Just the sight of glowing colors and sun through translucent petals brought me joy.

    I love you color pallets, color lessons, and especially your joyful loose, free style. Your work looks joyful.

    Flowers are my favorite subject. I have never met a better art teacher than you.


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