A Free Online Lesson and Missing My Cue on TV

Bright Light Daisies
Bright Light Daisies, 16X16, oil, painted on TV


It’s been a super busy week in the studio, with the launch of my free painting video, Five Tips to Brilliant Color. I wanted to share a fun lesson with all my favorite tips for you, since we’re counting down to the biggest announcement ever to be made from Flower Mound Studio on May 11! Something colorful this way comes! The new free lesson reveals step by step ways to create eye-catching color in everything you paint, and many of the tools you need may already be in your studio. My talented videographer Mr. Joel added a bit of sparkle for you with some catchy music and transitions, I hope you’ll take a peek and let me know how you like it.

Click here to see your free lesson, Five Tips to Brilliant Color

When it rains, it pours! This week was also my first television interview and, if you’re a news junky like me, I thought you might like a sneak peek behind the scenes of the entire experience – including how I almost missed my “cue to paint” – eep! Tuesday morning earlier than the crack of dawn the hubby and I were headed to downtown Dallas to film a segment for Good Day on Channel 4. I had been invited to be on the show representing artists from the Dallas Arboretum’s annual show, Artscape. Initially, I did an outstanding job of imagining all sorts of scary scenarios in the buildup to the big day, but was feeling rather calm by taping day. I just kept reminding myself, hold a paintbrush, and you can do anything! I was asked me to bring lots of paintings, so we loaded up large container gardens, poppy fields and landscapes, all of this after a quick trip to the Hobby Lobby to buy easels with my coupons. If this story is beginning to sound like Country Art Mouse Goes to the Big City, you’re right on track!

Break out the popcorn and see the TV show

We were ushered into secure parking (all that worrying about downtown parking was for naught!) in a fenced lot, and the security guard herself kindly helped us bring everything into our staging area. This was the first indicator that everyone we encountered would be super nice and super helpful. The producer came out and helped get everything arranged, explained how the segment would play out – stand in this spot, face the camera (a camera the size of a Volkswagen!), the interview would be taped first, then I would be cued to paint. As we walked through the hallways, I caught glimpses of makeup stations for the stars, rooms filled with TV monitors, and techs with microphones busily transitioning shots from scene to scene, live shot to taped shot to commercial, and directing everything from giant control panels. It was this news junky’s dream come true! We were directed to a waiting room where pictures of famous newscasters were displayed (Clarice Tinsley!), along with trophies, Katie awards, and various other honors behind glass. If you’re curious (like I was) what the female reporters would wear on TV, everyone was dressed beautifully, but most especially for the gals, it was all about the shoes! Clearly, I’m too old to wear such super fashionable kicks, but it sure was fun seeing it done right. Once the camera lights went on, it’s a bit of a blur, but I do remember I had to be prompted to pick up the brush and start painting – yep, I missed my cue! But thanks to an alert producer, and some magical editing, it was hard to notice – clearly I’ve got a bit more to learn about this behind the camera thing.

I’ve shared a link to the interview here. It was such an honor to represent the Arboretum for their annual juried show! I’m still pinching myself! Despite all the excitement, we had time to launch the free lesson this week from Flower Mound Studio. I have no idea what I would do without my awesome team! Take a peek at Five Tips for Brilliant Colors – created especially for you!


television interview Nancy Medina
Getting ready to paint daisies on TV!



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