How to Cool Off a Warm Painting and Grumblers in the Studio

Peaches and Cream Peonies detail
Peaches and Cream Peonies, detail, 30X30, oil


I’d like to dedicate this week’s Blossom Blog to the gal who emailed me a few weeks ago and said I should never talk about my Pugs. At first I thought that was pretty mean spirited. After all, I’m not quite sure my studio, or I, could even function without Pugs! However, after last Saturday’s live Facebook video, perhaps she had a point. The hubby and I were getting ready, and thought it would be dandy to have all three pugs (did you know a gang of pugs is called a Grumble?) in the studio. So with the Grumble afoot, we began connecting microphone cords to cameras, setting up the laptop, and situating glasses of wine just off camera (because we have to at least have the appearance of propriety). I bet you can guess what happened next.

About 10 seconds before time to go live, catastrophe struck. Somepuggy’s leg got tangled in a microphone cord. Nopug has yet claimed responsibility. The cord caught the stem of a glass of wine the hubby was drinking (okay, that’s a lie, I was drinking the wine), and a red splash covered my keyboard and the floor and the dog bed below. After a quick mop-up (notice I did not say “thorough” mop-up) we were on the air and live and pretending these sorts of things never happen in Flower Mound Studio. Two minutes into the video, we had to stop again, when we noticed the pug puppy was sucking on the wine soaked dog bed. Please do not report me to the SPCA. I realize she is a minor, but this was not premeditated.

Speaking of red, this week I want to share how to cool off a painting when there’s too much heat! After finishing a 30X30 inch painting of peonies a few days ago, I had a chance to get away and come back to the studio. That’s when I noticed the entire work was in warm tones. There were lots of yellows, golds, and pinks. Repairs were needed, and pronto!

Click here to see the video!

With a bit of purple on the brush, I remedied that situation post haste, and made a little how to video for you while I was at it. It’s amazing how a smidgen of purple can cure what ails you! Load your brushes, gather your critter helpers nearby, and check out the free video – afterward, please let me know what you think! And if you happen to have pictures of your little helpers, please do share. I encourage that sort of behavior!

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Cooling off warm peonies - Nancy Medina Art
Cooling off warm peonies with a little violet to the rescue!


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    • Sue your results are already wonderful! But I still recommend the puppy/wine therapy regimen. I’ve found it does improve the level of giggles in the studio 100%! 🙂

  1. Me thinks that the pugs make your paintings what they are…full of joi de vivre! Wish I had such helpers…but wait I don’t even have a Painting space bit I make
    do with with some space on the floor of my 4 year Old’s room that he generously shares with me and of course he is very generous with his critique too! Last time he said “your sun flowers are not like your teacher’s! It’s all wrong!” Sigh

    • Shweta that is too funny! Your budding art critic! You get extra points for being able to paint with your little helper there, too – I bet he likes to assist! 🙂

  2. Hi Nancy,

    I really enjoyed how you managed to cool down the painting, and was really interested to note that it was just touches of paint rather than you trying to change a whole petal. LOL pets can he hazardous.. we used to have a cat who is no longer with us who would try and distrupt my typing by laying on the keyboard or computer desk or even walking from one wet painting to a dry one. They are the joy of our lives.

  3. Magnificent color application! As always your technique is beyond Masterful. Seriously, you are one of the greatest. I’d be in Heaven to express even a fraction of your talent Nancy. Thank you for your generous giving.

  4. People paint without dogs in their studios? REally ? No! Mine help me know when I’m done with a painting(or maybe its’ that they just want food),
    Animals are a blessing that makes life heaven on earth.

  5. Thanks for the cooling off lesson. It was beautiful before, but now has a different charm. How could we live without fur babies. I can’t paint without mine. Someone needed a cup of coffee . Please don’t listen to any one. Paint with your heart. Have a great trip.

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