The Ladybug Project and Dream Studio Floorplans


Ladybugs and gentlemen, please let this meeting come to order. First order of business, emancipation! Over 50 ladybugs have just taken up residence in my spring garden today, freed from their plastic container from the garden store. The moment they landed on my hydrangeas and irises, passion flowers and pansies, they began chowing down on aphids and pests, and adding little dots of color to my bloomers. Rest assured these are the “safe” ladybugs, the ones who are kind to crops and people and noninvasive. I’ve shared a little photo story for you of the girls getting settled in below.

For those who have been following the dream studio developments, we had our first meeting with the architect and the floor plans are here. My feedback – more windows, more windows, more windows! I’ve just finished a new four foot wide container garden painting, and am feeling the need for larger digs. My tiny studio is just way too small for the paintings I want to create!

Plans so far include two big beams that run the length of the vaulted ceiling with fixtures on top and bottom to bounce light around like crazy, shiplap walls, grey natural wood finish tile flooring, lots of windows, and two sets of French doors opening into the flower garden. We’ve already begun adding plans for a little flagstone garden just outside one set of French doors leading to the outdoor studio. As soon as there’s more to share, pictures will be coming your way!

In the meantime, if you have suggestions for a dream studio and ideas for storage in particular, I would love to hear your ideas. I found some large storage mirrors on a web site last week. Holy cow they were $1300 plus $300 shipping! I think my $14 shoebags of paint would feel totally out of place in such rich accommodations. At this point, I’m considering having something custom built or maybe just a cute little rolling cart of tubes will do!


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  1. Loved the pictures of Avery and all the ladybugs in your flower garden!
    And your new art studio sounds “yummy”
    How exciting!!!
    Nerve wracking as well I’m sure!
    Must get a move on it and paint away today

  2. I use the build it units at the container store. used shallow trays –keeps me sane–made by Elfa. Also fits in my closet. They have tons of sizes and dimensions. Loved the ladybugs but especially loved your adorable little pug!

  3. Start visiting your local furniture consignment stores. When a model home sells they usually clearance the furniture. It’s a great source for large mirrors and other items. Craftsman tool chests aren’t pretty but are good for supplies. I scored a 3-shallow drawer metal cart online. The drawers are perfect for paint tubes & there’s room below for Gamsol jugs. Definitely a sink…

  4. Little Avery is adorable and you are a breath of fresh full of sunshine. I enjoy following you and your flowers.

  5. Nancy you just make me smile, your paintings, gardens and your little pug complete with lady beetles, Iam a million miles away from you but feel such closeness and joy at the same things you and your admirers do, are we painters all the same? We paint, love our gardens and pets, such happiness
    Best wishes Jan Australia

  6. Where did you get your RED lady bugs? One year I ordered some & they were orange & did not stay in my gardens long…

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