The Best Way to Use Palette Knife and Monthly Classes Are Here!

Hope Dwells Sunflower
Hope Dwells Sunflower, detail, 12X12, oil


A great way to add impact to a painting is to use palette knife – those layers of textured color can be gratifying and can add a huge color kick! I prefer adding that thick layer as the last step, so I’m not fighting a pile of paint if any other adjustments are needed. If you’ve never tried it, I encourage you to give it a whirl!

One of the best things to keep in mind when using palette knife is to avoid over-mixing your colors. Palette knife is more appealing when you can see those stripes of color bloom on canvas. In other words, if you’re mixing cadmium yellow light and ultramarine blue to make green, don’t mix the whole pile until it becomes one solid color. Stop just short of the point where you can still see some stripes of yellow and blue in the pile. Then scoop up a liberal amount and lay in that texture!

A taste of palette knife painting is included for you as one of the extras in my new monthly online class, The Joyful Brush. Unveiled on May 11, it’s been a dream come true project, and for the first time I’m able to offer a super affordable option and classes through all the seasons of the year. We’ll have monthly live Q&As, live painting videos, full length online lessons from start to finish, studio tips, and all the beautiful videography and design created with your color journey in mind. I’m really excited to be taking Petal Perks members with me to Italy next month. Take a peek and let me know what you think, flower family. A new color journey has begun!

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The Joyful Brush

The Joyful Brush is a monthly painting lessons membership, here's the scoop!

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  1. Nancy,Carlos and team..thank you so much for working diligently on the UX…best in the business! Can’t wait for the unveil of the taste of palette knife painting. Hugs to all. Janne
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