Top Ten Ideas for a Dream Art Studio and Disney in Pictures


When I asked for your ideas for a dream come true art studio last week, the suggestions came pouring in! Maybe you, too, are thinking/wishing/hoping to build your dream studio. Even if it’s not yet on your horizon, I couldn’t resist sharing the best ideas right here on the bloggy. Now, bear in mind, I’m still getting used to my new Web site, and the WordPress platform (if you know a WordPress expert, please send them my way!), so this won’t have cute bullet points or anything.

Growing Big Dreams in Flower Mound


A few of your ideas just absolutely blew me away. How on earth could I keep my six hanging shoebags of paint tubes handy without creating instant clutter? You had the answer! What about great lighting, for an artist who paints at night? You had the answer! Seriously, I just want to paint daisies, wake up one day, and have the whole studio finished, perfect, and waiting! (*insert reality check moment here*)  Tomorrow morning, it gets real. We meet with the architect and the plans will be drawn up. Permits will be submitted, materials will be ordered, and there’s no turning back, so I had better have my studio ducks in a row! eep! Here are the top 10 ideas for building a dream art studio:

Add a small greenhouse from the French doors leading out to the flower garden

Include spot lights that point up to the ceiling on top of the wood beams for bounced light

Custom build a narrow closet with poles that swing outward for my shoe bags full of paint

Include north facing windows, with adjustable shades and/or windowcovers

Use faux wood tile floors, less slippery than patterned concrete and tougher than hardwood

Build light colored high ceilings for good ventilation

Include soundproofing in windows, doors and all walls (we live under a flight path!)

Include lots of windows and two sets of French doors leading to my outdoor studio/garden

Install two of the awesome new ductless air conditioning units to combat the Texas heat

Include a writing corner away from the work area with a soft chair and comfy pug beds nearby

If all this brainstorming has given you some great ideas, please feel free to share those here. If one of your ideas gets incorporated into my dream studio, you’ll be entered to win a cool prize! Stay tuned for the step by step shots of construction to come.

In the meantime, here are some photos from my Disney-sponsored flower painting workshop in North Texas last week. If you’re just hearing the news, I was absolutely honored (and excited) to be asked by Disney to teach a painting workshop to promote the premiere of Beauty and the Beast. Attending the event were bloggers from around the region, photographers, PR folks and some super cute kids. We painted poppies in brilliant acrylics, ate lots of cookies and posed for pictures for the big premier. I’m still pinching myself, and had such a great time working with the coordinators for the event. Talk about a super positive, super professional group, it was Disney all the way!

Photos from the Disney Flower Painting Workshop


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Nancy Medina

Nancy is a master signature artist and instructor with over 1800 online students from around the world. She has worked with Disney, served on the art faculty of the Dallas Arboretum, and teaches workshops in France, Italy and across the US. More about Nancy

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    • We had lots of fun Anita! I’m always relieved when no one cries at a workshop, though – 😉

  1. Nancy, Congratulations on the artist studio and Disney!
    Looks like everyone was having a ball! The one thing I would have is an artist taboret put in the middle of my room with lots of draws. I bought me a kitchen island and I just love the counter top, it gave me the extra space I needed for flower arrangements and the storage underneath it is awesome. Also looks cute!
    Good luck and I know it will be absolutely amazing!

  2. Congratulations Nancy! I’m so thrilled for you and so greatful also that I am one of your students and get to live these kind of dreams vicariously through you!!

  3. Have you ever considered any of the new cork flooring, Nancy? It would be easier and more comfortable to stand on. It is also cheaper than lots of other surfaces.

    I have to admit that I love my wood floors. They give a little and are easy on my legs. If they ever need it they can be sanded and refinished for a new look!!!

    I’d have a flatscreen tv somewhere in the room so you can preview your DVD’s or watch your favorite program.

    One of my favorite things in my studio is a nice fairly large mirror across the room so I can see my paintings in it. I find it so much easier to detect mistakes or things that are a little off in a painting when I hold the painting up and look in the mirror across the room.

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