Painting on TV and Dreams With No Expiration Dates

Spin Your Partner Iris Painting
Spin Your Partner, 20X20, oil


Tuesday I’m appearing on television, painting flowers on a morning show being taped under the bright lights. Five years ago, when I left my job in corporate America and took the leap to become a full time artist, I never dreamed of a moment like this. I really hoped I would be able to pay the water bill and the property taxes. That was my number one goal, just making ends meet. Granted, the water bill was getting higher every year in Flower Mound, Texas. After all, it had tripled in just the first five years we lived here! But that was basically it. If I could pay the water bill, and the taxes, and live as an artist, then everything else would fall into place.

Today my dreams and life have blossomed beyond anything I’d imagined. Here in a little art studio in Flower Mound, Texas, every moment is a beehive of activity. For all of the excitement and constant unpredictability, and even for the hours of hard work, I’m thankful. Most of all, it was the discovery that there is no expiration date on dreams. If I believed that, I would still be sitting in an office, working on a medical magazine (with doctors I loved working with), but knowing every moment I just wanted to be in front of an easel, painting and teaching.

This morning, while you’re reading this bloggy post, I’ll be in front of the cameras, in the midst of an appearance on Good Day on Channel 4, with taping happening bright and super early. When I received the invite, instead of asking logical questions, I was panicking. What to wear, where to park in downtown Dallas on a weekday, would I remember which way to hold the paintbrush when all those polished smart TV folks start asking me questions! Then I remembered, if I have a brush in my hand, I can do anything.

Back in the days of corporate USA, I was terrified of speaking in public. One day, Peggy, a marketing director, said to me, “Nancy, if you talk about something you love, that fear will go away.” She knew exactly what to say to help me over one of the biggest hurdles for moving forward. My dream to be an art teacher, and to share all I know, was right in front of me! There was only one thing standing in my own way: myself. Maybe you’re sitting at a desk, right now, wondering what it would take for you to move toward your next amazing journey. Remember, you’re not alone. Nothing gives me more joy than encouraging my friends into taking that first step toward their dreams, and I would love to hear from you.

So, if you’re reading this, please take a moment and send good thoughts my way. And if all goes well, if I don’t faint or the segment doesn’t get cut, I’m hoping to get a clip to share with you! Sadly, the studio pugs were not also extended the invitation to be on TV. I know, I found that part baffling, too…!

In the meantime, the countdown to a really big announcement is still on! Something entirely new and awesome is almost ready, made especially for you and in just a few weeks, all will be revealed.

While you’re waiting for the news, here are some images from my workshop in the Texas Hill Country last week, to tickle your wildflower fancy. A million colorful thank yous to the ladies from Canada, Brazil, the Philippines, and across the US who joined me and for Jane Drynan, my amazing energizer bunny hostess, who made gorgeous hand painted nametags and kept us all organized and on task. We took a whirlwind trip out to Wildseed Farms to see the poppies before the storms blew into Fredericksburg, and I’m so glad we did!



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  1. Know you are making a huge impression on your TV audience this morning, you did with me when I first met you. Good things happen to good people, simple as that.

  2. Nancy, what a special treat to all of us.
    The beauty you create continues to bless my life with love and joy. Love you with all my heart.

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