Break Out the Gelato and Win a Seat in My Italy Workshop

Poppy Chorus, detail
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Italy 2017

Break out your gelato spoon, and pack your traveling brush, I’m giving away a seat in my Italy 2017 workshop! I promise I haven’t gone over the deep end or had too much spaghetti in my diet, I am just one very thankful artist. Registrations for my new online class have been pouring in, and this week my awesome husband gave his notice at his old job to begin a new position ~ working for me! Granted, there are the background checks and personal references that still have to be sorted out properly, but I did let him know so long as he is on his best behavior, this working relationship will be just fine by me.

But I bet you want to know how to nab that seat to Italy, don’t you? Here’s how to win! Click the button, look at the pretty Italy pictures, and share your name and email. The winner will be selected on July 27. As soon as the winner is notified, I’ll announce who the lucky Italy traveler will be! Here’s the scoop! Airfare is not included, and other restrictions apply. (*said in TV announcer voice*)

Want to warm up your brushes and dazzle your palette before the big trip to Italy? Sign up for my new online class, Painting Brilliant Colors! Registration closes on July 20, and the e-course launches July 21, with all content available to you for an entire year.

Paint Brilliant Italy
June 18-24, 2017
Sant Angelo in Vado
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Sunflower selfies in Fratte Rosa, Italy!

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