Broken Things I Treasure
Cripple Creek Gold, live painting, 20X16, acrylic, information

Broken things I treasure rest on a ledge in my studio, bathed in autumn gold sunshine from the skylights above.

Among these is a small pink angel with a rough, chipped veneer. My friend Sara made this for me over 20 years ago, when I lived in Santa Barbara. She had tossed the angel into the rubbish, because she wasn’t happy with how it turned out during its time in the fire. I pulled it from the bin, and begged to keep it. This broken angel has watched over me in four studios now, traveling from state to state, and I’m quite sure I could not paint without her steadying gaze from above.

A hand painted cappuccino cup, cracked and chipped from use, but still in good working order, is another of these treasures. I discovered it in a pottery studio in Sarlat, France, the same day I learned my little pug Annie had cancer. My husband had returned home to be with Annie that morning. With my heart in pieces, and those I loved on the other side of the world, I left the studio with a fragile, hand-made object that reminds me each morning of a tiny soul taken much too soon.

Surveying these treasures, and others like them that clutter shelves and collect the dust of life, I have become aware with age that the least valuable things often command the most prized real estate in my heart.

If this means I am well and truly old, then I’m all the happier for it. There will come a day when these items land in a box or rubbish bin, forgotten and buried under debris. Today, though, they are signposts along the meandering journey of an art life well lived.


Signature purple


studio cappuccino cup
A small treasure in my studio kitchen this morning

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