Coronado Flower Gardens ~ A Walking Tour

French Pink Peony
French Pink Peony, 12X12, oil, information

A trip to Coronado Island during spring bloom is like a jaunt to Disneyland for flower peepers such as myself. I’ve been super lucky to demo and teach there during their annual flower show, one of the biggest in the nation. This year is the first time since World War II the flower show was cancelled due to the COVID outbreak, but something tells me the flowers didn’t notice. Just around the corner from my favorite cottage on Star Park Circle is Wizard of Oz Avenue, once home to L. Frank Baum, author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Magic abounds!

The most beautiful roses I’ve ever seen bloom here on the island, carefully tended by those who live in the cottages in this community just off the coast of San Diego, California. The competition to win a blue ribbon for each block of homes is fierce, and the gardeners are justifiably proud, leaving garden gates wide open and inviting visitors to come in and take pictures (I’ve wandered through many open gates here, much to my hubby’s chagrin!). The roses grow to the size of dinner plates, and foxgloves and delphiniums crowd white picket fences backlit by sunlight. After years of painting and visiting here, my library of Coronado garden flowers is formidable.

Since visiting in person isn’t possible this year, I’m taking you with me social distance style, with a photo tour of some of my favorite spots. Are you ready for something beautiful, flower friend? Grab your sun hat, comfy walking shoes, and those cute sunglasses. Don’t forget a light scarf to block the wind. Those ocean breezes do sneak down the lanes, and even on a sunny day it can be a bit brisk! One thing’s for certain, the flowers love this weather. When we’re done, we can get a scoop of ice cream on Orange Boulevard. After that we’ll shop the Coronado Flower Girl stand for a bundle of blossoms as a memento of our day in the sun. Are you ready, intrepid flower aficionados? Your chariot awaits!


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Dominique Eichi roses

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  1. Beautiful peony painting and the words from your post had me wanting to pack my bags! Thank you for the photos to back up the images you created in my mind. A treat!

    • Joanne maybe if we pack our bags now, things will get better sooner and we can all go visit! * Thinking positive! * : )

  2. The Coronado walking tour was not only beautiful but educational. The composition of various photos let me imagine how a painting comes about. The leading of the eye through a painting and the position of blooms in different “sides”. The artistic license to add more flowers to the arbor was another element that I was able to visualize. Thank you for this experience of joy in starting my day.


    • Kathy it really opens up the imagination doesn’t it, seeing these lush gardens? How I wish I could grow these in Colorado Springs! sending you and Katie hugs!

    • You are most welcome Dale! I love visiting, even if it is only a photo tour these days – ; )

  3. Nancy, what a bright spot in yet another day at home. Your pictures
    actually transported me to California. I’ve added Coronada gardens to my wish list of places to visit.
    Take care and keep painting.
    Marie Gobin

    • Marie I’m glad you enjoyed the tour! You will love Coronado, there is no place quite like it!

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