Contents – Fall 2016

Congratulations flower friends. This is where your new brilliant color journey begins! In Brilliant Color Bootcamp, you will receive five complete lessons with painting videos, studio tips, and colorful inspirations. There is a pure spirit within that is your artist’s heart and soul. Remember to honor and be kind to yourself as you move forward in this journey. This is your space to create paintings that celebrate color!


Hummingbird Haven Sunflowers

Week One

Welcome to your bold new color adventure! How do you build a spray of flowers using complements to create eye catching, glowing color that draws the eye from across the room? We’ll explore temperature shifts as a tool for creating form and shape, and quick ways to get a new perspective. What are we painting? Here’s a hint: Warm up those yellow and purple brushes, your first lesson is about to begin!

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Run Wild Red Poppies

Week Two

Kick off those high heels and wiggle your toes in a field of wildflowers. This is your soft landing spot, and a safe space to create, shine and grow! We’re going to explore some real world applications for using value and temperature to create jaw-dropping hues. What are we painting this week? Here’s a hint – Warm up your red brushes and listen for mountain streams, these flowers grow best at high elevations!

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Wild Cottage Garden

Week Three

Get lost in an ancient garden this week. Kiss muddy color goodbye and use violets and blues for shadows! Why? Because we can! We’re going to get a little romantic and find out why kissing is an important part of composition, and learn how to loosen up our paintings with confident brushstrokes. What are we painting this week? Here’s a hint: You can’t have a proper cottage garden without one of these!

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Lily Love Stargazers

Week Four

In week four, you get two full length painting lessons! We’ll step outside the comfort zone and dip our brushes into a bonus multi-media exercise with texture, acrylic, and oils. Don’t forget to check out the supplies for this fun exercise. Want to create a colorful holiday movie or slideshow of your paintings for your loved ones? Techy corner has just the ticket! What else will we paint this week? Here’s a hint: Gaze upward at night, and you’ll see their namesake sparkling down!

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Queen for a Day Retreat

Week Five

Imagine a place where time stood still and held a space ~ for you. In our fifth week together, I’ve saved the best for last. Two full length painting videos and a movie getaway featuring the quiet charm of Italy and my journey workshop retreat. Take a moment to smell the sunflowers with me in Week 5 and warm up your brushes, while you're at it!

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It's a wrap!

Ever wonder what really goes on behind the scenes of months of taping and painting, and flower arranging and brush cleaning? Do you really think I never once dropped a brush or hiccuped during a painting session in front of the video camera? In our final video, my talented videographer Michelle picked her favorite off-camera moments and made a memorable movie of artist bloopers especially for you!

Prepare for giggles and grins!

Contents – Fall 2016

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