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Painting Lesson 1

Hummingbird Haven Sunflowers

Lessons from the Garden

There is a butterfly garden surrounding my outdoor studio in Flower Mound, Texas. With three varieties of lavender, trumpet vines, oak leaf hydrangeas and wisteria, there are always winged visitors finding safe haven near my easel.

In our first week of Brilliant Color Bootcamp, I’m sharing two of the happiest residents of my garden, sunflowers and hydrangeas. Warm up your brushes and prepare to make a splash with golden yellows and vibrant purples. Give yourself permission to honor your impressionistic journey, abstract your shapes in dazzling transparent colors, and celebrate Mother Nature in her brightest attire ~ beautiful, vibrant, color!

~ Nancy

“Every painting contains a small piece of an artist’s soul.”

The Color Games

Falling In Love With Color

The Power of Subtle Shifts in Color

Transparent Colors Worksheet

Techy Corner

Life in the Flower Factory

Value Viewers

The Joyful Brush

No flower police allowed!

Temperature Shifts in White Flowers

A Life in Bloom

Brilliant Is Your Color
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Design It

Keys to Composition
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A little tip

Focus on...

Always leave soft edges near the edges of your canvas or panel, when painting impressionistically. Avoid bright colors, hard edges, or any eye catching elements outside of your focal zone. The human eye "sees" impressionistically, only focusing on one area at a time. This is the beauty of our impressionistic journey, we get to incorporate those creative, dreamy spaces we love, along with the beauty and detail of color and light.

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