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Painting Lesson 2

Run Wild Red Poppies

"T" Parties in the Garden

Ever wondered why poppies are called poppies? While painting plein air in the mountains of Oakley, Utah, my friends and I heard a distinct “POP” and looked down, to discover a poppy had burst out of its pod and was unfurling its red, wing-shaped petals before our very eyes. Mountain poppies are happy creatures, with cool days and chilly nights in the higher elevations just to their liking. They grow to the size of small dinner plates. These bountiful beauties are perfect for painting!

~ Nancy

“When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for the moment.” ~ Georgia O’Keefe

The Color Games

Falling In Love With Color

Value Shifts in Florals

Techy Corner

Life in the Flower Factory

Sharing on Instagram

The Joyful Brush

No flower police allowed!

Value and Temperature in the Palette

A Life in Bloom

Creativity takes courage...
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Design It

Composition Basics
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A little tip

Focus on...

Have you ever wondered if there's a quick way to tell a good quality tube of paint compared with a student or cheaper quality tube? Hold two of the same size tubes, one professional, one student quality, in each of your hands. Which is lighter? The student brand. Why? It has more filler, and less pigment. Pigment is the magic dust that makes it all happen!

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