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Painting Lesson 3

Wild Cottage Garden

Planting the Seeds for Joy

One of my favorite places to paint in the whole world is Coronado Island just off the coast of San Diego, California. Residents pride themselves on their cottage gardens. Coronado has been holding its annual flower show for over 80 years in Spreckles Park. It’s a hotly contested event with every block vying for blue ribbons to hang in their windows. Rose arbors, picket fences and dreamy, sun-soaked cottages are just a stroll away and a Duck Boat tour from San Diego will take you for the day!


“In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous.” ~ Aristotle

The Color Games

Ideas & Inspiration

The Importance of Kissing

Techy Corner

Life in the Flower Factory

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The Joyful Brush

No flower police allowed!

Loosen Up With Egg Timers

A Glimpse of Color

In all things of nature...
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Design It

Composition Examples
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A little tip

Focus on...

One of the challenges if you sit while painting, is less opportunity to walk away from your painting and see it from a distance. A simple solution is to keep a hand mirror nearby. Every now and then, hold it up with your arm outstretched, and take a peek at your painting through it. You'll get a whole new perspective, and you may see things you didn't notice previously! (If you stand while painting, consider keeping a mirror behind you on the wall in your studio for the same reason.)

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