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Painting Lesson 4

Lily Love Stargazers

Lessons from the Garden

Your art journey is shaped daily by what inspires you. The journey of learning is one that can include a great deal of repetition, so allow yourself those moments of sheer spontaneity and shed those fears – jump outside the comfort zone and try something completely new! You may discover a hidden talent or new layer of knowledge that was just waiting all along to give you the boost to your next level of personal, beautiful, colorful growth!

~ Nancy

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“She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her away, she adjusted her sails.”

~ Elizabeth Edwards

The Color Games

Ideas & Inspiration

Chroma, Complements and Hues, Oh My!

Techy Corner

Life in the Flower Factory

Making a Slideshow

The Joyful Brush

No flower police allowed!

Daily Painting

A Life in Bloom

Our Truest Life...
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A little tip

Focus on...

It's super important to find ways to keep your shoulder, neck, and back muscles strong if you paint often. When painting, always position your canvas slightly lower than where you are standing or sitting, so you're never painting with your arm at an upward angle. Even if you sit while painting, adjust your chair to a higher setting, or consider using a high stool to give you just the right downward angle to your canvas surface. This will help to avoid "frozen shoulder"!

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