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Spring 2017 – Welcome page

How Painting Brilliant Colors works


Congratulations flower friend, you have arrived! Gather your supplies and warm up your palette. It’s almost time to dip your brush into brilliant, unapologetic, over-the-top color and tickle that muse awake!

1. Oil Supplies

2. Acrylic Supplies


Now that you are a member of the brilliant color flower family, you are invited to join the excitement in our private Facebook group. There’s all sorts of color buzz afoot in the VIP room there just waiting for you!

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Start painting right away! Be sure to dive into all the goodies, including full-length painting videos, studio tips, joyful inspirations, and a few extras to make you giggle. Your six weekly lessons will be safe and securely available to you for an entire year!

Lessons this spring…

Check out what's blooming under the lessons tab!

Welcome to your new online studio, Painting Brilliant Colors ~ let the blooming and dreaming begin! Each week we’ll stretch our wings and dive into full-length painting lessons with studio tips and inspirational images. Keep in mind you can take each step at your own pace, you can paint along weekly, or you can save up your lessons and painting videos to enjoy for an entire year.

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