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Contents – Spring 2017

Welcome flower friends to a new year of Painting Brilliant Colors. Is your inner artist ready to take wing? Prepare to dive into superpower colors and add a little sparkle into everything you create! While each lesson is designed to give you practical tools to grow in your journey, I would encourage you to remember that when you choose the path of an artist, you have already placed your feet firmly in the direction of joy. It is your decision to keep moving forward, and keep creating. Welcome to your new online studio, a place to encourage, blossom and grow. Let the blooming – and dreaming – begin!


Iris Duet

Week One

Got your sunhat and garden shoes handy? We're going to take our brushes out to play in the garden. One of the first flowers to bloom each the spring has reserved a spot on the canvas this week! What are we painting? Here's your hint: Prepare to wave your garden flags proudly, with plenty of warm color and the scent of grape soda wafting in the air.

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White Rose Romance

Week Two

If you're ready to put winter to rest, chances are you are already dreaming of summer dresses and sparkly sandals. Romance is in the air this week in the studio, with the flowers most often shared by sweethearts blooming for you! What are we painting? Here's your hint! By any other name, they would smell as sweet!

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Violet Dreams ~ Delphiniums & Carnations

Week Three

I have an idea! Let's pack a picnic lunch and spend the day at the arboretum. We'll reserve our favorite spot near the creek under the ancient magnolias, where you can hear the classical piano music coming from the cafe. We can spread our picnic blanket next to the beds of flowers near the creek and grow four feet tall, in blues, violets, pinks and whites. There is something so magical about blue flowers against the blue waters, do you think anyone will mind if we stay past dinner?

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Hope Springs Hydrangea Cottage Garden

Week Four

If you could have a cottage garden in France or New England, which would you pick? How about both! This week we're going to take the best of both worlds and blend them together! It never hurts to make daydreams come true on canvas, don't you think? Cottages, fences, and flowers so abundant they trespass into the neighbor's yard. Because one can never have too many flowers, or too many daydreams!

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Ruby and White Peonies

Week Five

The most fragrant, whimsical blossom in the studio grows with ruffly skirts and little feathers in her hair. She is a short lived visitor, opening in just a day or two, and then shattering on the slightest breeze when her time is done. I found these blossoms in the flower market in the winter, and took this as great good fortune, and a sign of only the best things to come!

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St. Cirq Lapopie French Rooftops

Week Six

Set your flower clocks to bloom extra early, this week we'll be as busy as summer bees in honey. We're going to visit the most beautiful village in Southern France, and dine on the patio overlooking red tile rooftops stretching as far as the eye can see. After shopping and a nap, we'll end the day with a bonus multimedia lesson, designed to tickle your palette and tempt your muse outside her comfort zone with vibrant, bold color.

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Pink Escape Daisies and Carnations

Bonus Lesson

Bonus multimedia lesson! Fun with pink daisies and carnations, using acrylics and oils on a textured canvas.

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It's a wrap!

If you ever wondered who the helpers were behind the scenes in Flower Mound Studio, this will be your peek at the most hard working members of the studio crew! Meet the newest member of the supervisory staff. She has big brown eyes and a Dairy Queen curl to her tail! If you've already met this youngster, you're in for a treat. Howly-wood, move over!

Prepare for giggles and grins!

Contents – Spring 2017

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