Painting Brilliant Colors

Full-Color Journey

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Painting Lesson 3

Violet Dreams ~ Delphiniums & Carnations

Planting the Seeds for Joy

When I was little, one of my favorite books was called The Best Loved Doll. It was a story about a doll who was adored by the little girl who owned her, even though the doll was not the prettiest or best dressed of all the dolls she had been given. I like to think of carnations as the forgotten flower, the starbursts of color that last longest in the studio, even after hours in a vase under hot lights. You rarely hear someone exclaim with joy when they’ve been given a dozen carnations. But lately, I’ve found I love them best. With tiny ruffles in jewel tones, carnations lean to the most vibrant of all the transparent palette. Next time you see them in the flower market, let me know if you agree!


“Great art picks up where nature ends.” ~ Marc Chagall

Mixer Uppers

Eliminating Cadmium Colors

For a Safe Place to Bloom and Grow

Studio Tips

Easy Ways to Mount Panels

Because Framing is So Darn Expensive!

The 7 Minute Hydrangea

Using Egg Timers to Loosen Up

Break Out the Big Brushes for This One!

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