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A Fond Farewell

All of your spring lessons have arrived, presents have been opened, cottage gardens and new bloomers have been revealed, and the best news is, you get to enjoy everything for an entire year! On May 11, I’ll be announcing a new chapter in Flower Mound Studio. Something I’ve never been able to offer before is about to open and bloom – created especially for you! I’ll be with you for an entire year, flower family, so keep painting and keep sharing your beauty and your gorgeous creative spirits right here! Remember, this is your safe space to bloom and grow, with all the love and support you deserve, you amazing, creative soul, you! Thank you for sharing your art journey with me. If you have found joy in the class and loved the journey, please take a moment and share with me by leaving a message for me. I want to hear from you!

We bid you adieu!

France ~ A Joyful Escape

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