Contents – Summer 2016

Welcome flower friends to the first edition of Painting Brilliant Colors. Please make sure your palettes are loaded and your painting visors are securely positioned, prior to takeoff and landing! I’m delighted to bring you five weeks of online classes and your first taste of the Brilliant Color experience. Each week we’ll stretch our wings and dive into full-length painting lessons, studio tips and inspirational images. You can take each step in this journey at your own pace, you can paint along weekly, or you can save up your videos and lessons to enjoy for an entire year. As I write this greeting to you, I am sitting in a cafe in Italy, following an afternoon walk through a field of sunflowers, a journey I would never before have believed I would take. While each lesson is designed to give you practical tools to grow in your journey, I would encourage you to remember that when you choose the path of an artist, you have already placed your feet firmly in the direction of joy. It is your decision to keep moving forward, and keep creating. Welcome to your new online studio, a place to encourage, blossom and grow. Let the blooming – and dreaming – begin!


Red Velvet Tulips

Week One

Make a summer splash with romantic reds! To begin our e-course journey, we’ll paint Red Velvet Tulips, step by step. What’s the best approach to painting from life? Finding a way to simplify shapes. Consider this your painting permission slip to loosen up and create from your heart!

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Time to Dream White Hydrangeas

Week Two

My garden is a sanctuary for retired studio models who served time under the spotlight, posing for paintings and living to tell the tale to their flower grandchildren! I love painting from potted plants, and then giving them a second life in my garden when class is over. Paint the flower, plant the flower, is just one more way to honor Mother Nature for her endless gifts of color. Stay tuned, we'll be painting in brilliant color in Week 2!

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Cloud Swept Peonies

Week Three

One of my favorite flowers in the whole world to paint is coming up in Week 3! They reach for the sky and sweep away the clouds with caps of tiny feathers. Their only fault: They are fleeting. What's on the flower menu? Stay tuned!

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Future Bloomers Geraniums & Pansies

Week Four

What is the greatest gift you can give yourself as an artist? The sacred space and time to paint. Painting daily is a way of building a bridge to our truest selves, the creative, the dreamer, and the inner child who knows no fear, no boundaries, and few constraints. I'll be sharing a bit of my own daily painting journey with you in Week 4, and your weekly painting video is filled with the ingredients for a quintessential container garden!

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Frayssinet Sunday Lavender

Week Five

Imagine a place where time stood still and held a space ~ for you. In our fifth week together, I’ve saved the best for last. The quiet charm of Southern France is not only a joy to paint, it is a respite from our highly connected, frantic lives. Take a moment to smell the lavender with me in Week 5 and warm up your purple brushes, while you're at it!

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It's a wrap!

Ever wonder what really goes on behind the scenes of months of taping and painting, and flower arranging and brush cleaning? Do you really think I never once dropped a brush or hiccuped during a painting session in front of the video camera? In our final video, my talented videographer Michelle picked her favorite off-camera moments and made a memorable movie of artist bloopers especially for you!

Prepare for giggles and grins!

Contents – Summer 2016

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