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Painting Lesson 1

Red Velvet Tulips

Paint from your heart

Welcome to the first week of Painting Brilliant Colors! Warm up your brushes and prepare to make a summer splash with romantic reds.

To begin our e-course journey, we’ll paint Red Velvet Tulips, step by step. What’s the best approach to painting from life? Finding a way to simplify shapes. As an impressionist, you have a love for the spontaneity, beauty, color and movement in your gardens and florals. Give yourself permission to loosen up, paint from your heart, and celebrate color with joy and courage.

~ Nancy

“Impressionism lets your imagination soar. Realism makes all your decisions for you.”

Color Burst

Ideas & Inspiration

The Power of Transparent Color

Transparent Colors Worksheet

Studio Tips

Life in the Flower Factory

Green Studio

The Joyful Brush

No flower police allowed!

Brush Care

A Life in Bloom

Poetry with Painting
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Fertile Imagining

Inspirational Quotes
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A little tip

Focus on...

Remember to wipe your brush frequently on your paper towel between dips into opaques and white combinations! This keeps your painting color, clean, crisp and pretty!

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