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Painting Lesson 2

Time to Dream White Hydrangeas

Paint from your heart

My hydrangea garden bloomed in all pastels this season. At one time, many of these flowers were deep blue or red violet. But they’ve had quite a journey in the past few years. Most led past lives as workshop flowers, hardy survivors of spotlights and teacher’s snippers and long cross-country car rides. I love painting from life, but most of all, I love painting from potted plants. As soon as class is over, my potted hydrangeas are transferred to deep soil in a shady spot in the garden. They’re given a second chance to bloom and grow, and provide eco-friendly housing for ladybugs and tiny tree lizards.

Most of all, they are a feast for my eyes each morning from my breakfast nook window, where I sip my tea and wonder, is there anything better than waking up to a flower garden?

~ Nancy

“Fine art, made fresh daily..”

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Life in the Flower Factory

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Painting From Life vs Photos

Felix Painting from Life

A Life in Bloom

Poetry with Painting
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Focus on...

There’s only one place for the hardest edges and strongest shifts between value and temperature – your focal area.

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