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Painting Lesson 3

Cloud Swept Peonies

How Does Your Garden Grow?

One of my favorite flowers in the whole world to paint ~ is peonies! They fill the studio with a sweet perfume and retire in a graceful shattering of petals when their time is done. They reach for the sky and sweep away the clouds with caps of tiny feathers. Their only fault: They are fleeting. How to tell the story of a peony? The peony has many feminine qualities, but her anatomy can be formed in two simple steps – the round ball or “fist” of petals, and a frilly party skirt, perfect for a night on the town. PS – don’t forget the feathers, a girl can’t be seen without a few of those!

~ Nancy

“In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous”

~ Aristotle

Color Burst

Ideas & Inspiration

Still Life Setup

Studio Tips

Life in the Flower Factory

Shoe Bags

Shoe Bags Rack Photo Shoe Bags Up Close Shoe Bags in my Studio

The Joyful Brush

No flower police allowed!

Egg Timers

A Life in Bloom

Poetry with Painting
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Fertile Imagining

Inspirational Quotes
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A little tip

Focus on...

After cleaning, give your brush a nice massage in baby oil at the end of the day, then pull the bristles flat. Leave in some oil for a supple, baby soft brush next morning!

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