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TJB perks live Light from below hummingbird and peonies
Light From Below, 20X20, oil, a Joyful Brush lesson


Dear future resident who will call our abode in Flower Mound, Texas, home: Soon you will move into a house that has been cherished for 19 years. Your furnishings and family, your hopes and dreams, will fill the space and adorn the walls that have held the weight of my paintings and family photos, memories of my own loved ones and places that echoed with the laughter, joy, and tears. My greatest wish is that you will sense how loved this home has been.

Under this roof, an art dream was born and flourished. Eight pug children lived full lives here, and fourteen foster pugs found respite and joy for the first time in their lives, before transitioning to forever homes. While I know you desire details on how to operate the heat and air, the Nest system and security cameras, warranties and plats and deeds and such, I hope you’ll save time for another little family that still resides on your new back porch.

The little reed basket that hangs from the rafters has been home to four generations of house wrens. There is a nest there now, and this noisy neighbor does need to continue use of their tiny home. Please do not remove or relocate Wren Unit 1 ~ its tenants have lived under our care for so long we’ve named them, and grown to know and love their chicks and great-grandchicks. Perhaps you are too busy to concern yourself with their history and names, but, if your heart is kind or at the least tolerant, you will leave their home intact. Maybe it’s a trivial matter, but I rescued Mama Wren when her tiny foot was caught in a wire mesh table on a rainy night. I held her gently in my palms while unhooking her little nail from the screen, and was so grateful to see her back in the nest with her babies the next morning. Yesterday her fat husband fussed at us for packing the plants all around him, and we assured him you would be kind enough to keep his home intact for years to come.

These wrens are the tiniest creatures in our garden, flitting from bush to bush, twigging at the ivy plants we’ve hung nearby, leaping-off points for their chicks and tweens. I’ll give it to fate, I’ll send this out in faith, and trust in your grace, that these tiny souls will remain safe in your care.




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Nancy Medina

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  1. I love house wrens! Always sassy and amazingly loud when they are excitedly patrolling our deck rails, lol. Once we had a nest in our garage light and it came
    time to go on summer vacation; My sister in law came over every day and evening
    to raise or lower the garage door so that mom and pop could fly in and out to keep
    the little ones fed, otherwise we probably would have postponed our trip! lol

    • I love that story Lynnda, you have a very kind-hearted family! (and also a little crazy, just like us!)

    • Thank you Shelley, these little creatures have given us so much entertainment over the years. I hope their homes will never be taken down!

  2. Beautifully written sentiments. A little homesickness washed over me. How generous of spirit. Know The Universe has showered you with so much abundance and joy that your heart cannot contain it all. Thank you for sharing with others.

  3. We had a yellow finch who built a nest in my eucalyptus wreath, three times, and then between her families we had a wren with hers! She was tiny in that nest, you could barely see her! After six families the wreath was pretty shot so I threw it away. It was fun to see the babies develop as they were right underneath the window in the door!

  4. That is so sweet Nancy! I am very touched because I left a similar note to the new owners of my last home 12 years ago. I’d love to see a picture of the wren’s home! Please.

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