Dangerous Liaisons…in France

Red Dancer Poppies
Red Dancer Poppies, 14X14, acrylic, information

I’ll be sharing some exciting news over the next few weeks with you, so stay tuned, especially if you absolutely love acrylics! But first, mon Dieu – we depart for France today! I’m not sure why I like scheduling every little thing in life so that it all happens in the same 12-minute time span. Do you ever do that, or is it only me? This week has had a few items on the check-off list: Flying to Colorado Monday to look at a new location for Flower Mound Studio (insert SQUEEE noises here), prepping for a new fall online class launch, polishing the final bits as an official art ambassador for Jerry’s Artarama, and packing every tube of paint and brush I own for the trip to Carcassonne, France. There, in the ancient walled cite, a group of talented artists will be on hand to assist me with important croissant sampling activities, painting, touring, shopping, and more. Ooo la la!

The good news is, I have already located a French art store, which we shall plunder visit promptly upon arrival. I do hope the paparazzi do not catch scandalous photos of the teacher leaving the store with disheveled hair, a crazed look in her eye, and bags and bags of unnecessary supplies (but they were FRENCH paints, mon amie!). The last time I accosted anything with such feverish intensity was when I met a super cute Pug on the streets of Paris (he is named Droopy and we are officially in a long-distance relationship, please do not tell my husband!)

Truly, I shouldn’t tease you about dangerous liaisons in France without showing you a few photos of the residents of Carcassonne, including the knights in shining armor. We’ll be treated to a tour or two by these fellows, I’m told, one of whom has a master’s in medieval history and promises to wear all the accountrement during his presentation. At least for the ladies, these images are strictly for historic and educational purposes. Scroll down for those. But first, be sure hubby has left the room, and, yes, you may have these printed and enlarged as posters for your studio, absolument. I’ll be sharing more images from France soon, so stay tuned for scenes from one of the most beautiful and inspiring places on earth – southern France!

France knights of carcassonne
The Knights of Carcassonne, France


Love Spills Over Poppies
Poppy Diptych, Acrylics on Gallery Wrap Canvas



Dangerous liaisons to be continued!


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french alps png

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You are invited to join Nancy for a summer getaway to the magnificent French Alps. There is no more beautiful escape from the summer heat than spending 10 days in the heart of the lovely  medieval village of Annecy, known as “The Venice of France” with its canals, flower gardens, cafes and shops.

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After flying into Geneva, Switzerland, we’ll make our home in The Splendid Hotel near the shores of historic Lake Annecy. Your journey begins with a tour of Col de la Forclaz with lunch on the terrace of a dairy farm in the mountains. We’ll sample slices of charcuterie, cheeses, potato beignets, and fresh blueberry tarts with cream. We’ll tour the Chateau de Menthon St Bernard, a castle filled with 13th century furnishings, tapestries and a library of ancient manuscripts painted with illuminations from the monks of the Middle Ages. And this is all just Day 1!

During your journey workshop, you’ll have plenty of painting time with Nancy in the indoor studio at your hotel in Annecy. Nonpainters will enjoy additional tours and excursions while the painters are busy in the studio. This tour is filling quickly! Contact support@www.nancymedina.com for registration details.




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  1. Oh Nancy, this post really made me laugh.. you are a born storyteller! I wish you the best on your trip to France. I really needed this today as we’ve just been through a stressful week here in FL waiting for Hurricane Dorian to decide what he wanted to do, and heartbroken for all the sweet folks down in the Bahamas. Praying for a safe trip for you… would be worth it to fly in your suitcase with you to just to get a sneak peek of the Knights of Carcassonne! Oh la la!! And to plunder an art store… yes indeed! Be safe! Hugs from hurricane weary FL! xo Rose

  2. Thanks for the good wishes for travels, Rose. I am hopeful the rain doesn’t get too intense, and glad the biggest part of the Hurricane missed you. I’ll think of you fondly whilst we plunder the art sale here in France! Merci….

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