Dreams of Monet and a Garden Tour in Bloom

Skyfall Giverny
Skyfall Giverny, 16X16, oil

If you could choose your dreams, would they be filled with flowers? We’re celebrating that spring feeling here in the studio, my garden is already full of blossoms, but I am hoping for more soon! Peach geraniums, late daffodils, early irises, and violet pansies left over from cooler months are getting reacquainted in pots of fresh soil. I’ve always dreamed about painting, and sometimes find my mind falling into sleepy loops, working on a red poppy again and again while drifting off, puzzling out textures and colors that disappear moments after they’re placed on the canvas. As a child, I rode my bicycle through dreams of a curved earth where the ground was pure, white paper, stretching to the horizon, waiting to be filled with my drawings. I spent years drawing girls in dresses and ballgowns, thinking I was most certainly going to be a fashion designer someday. Fashion wasn’t in my future (unless paint splattered jeans become the rage!), but design and color are still a part of my work as a daily painter.

I don’t know what filled Monet’s dreams, but I suspect they were colored by his paintings and gardens. Monet painted from life, inspired by color and light carefully orchestrated in his gardens. In Giverny, he met with his gardener every day, making sure the water garden surfaces were cleaned, the lilies fed, and an ever changing palette of flowers was mapped out for the coming months. His passion included his gardens. A few years ago my students and I were painting in San Diego and encountered master gardener Juan Flores and his team planting foxgloves and pansies at a cottage on Coronado Island. Juan was kind enough to stop his work and answer our questions about how he created his award winning gardens. Juan said he dreamed every night of his gardens, what he would plant, where he would place colors together, and what unexpected things he could add. Everyone wants roses and delphiniums, he said. I tell them, you must include something exotic, something unexpected. This is what makes the gardens special. Even as his team waited with cut flowers that were due for delivery to the annual flower show, he couldn’t seem to stop talking about the flower gardens he had created, and the ones to come. There is a sense of discovery when you live your life as a creative, and if you’re lucky enough to be someone in love with flowers, spring is the most Heavenly time to dream!

Early bloomers in my garden


If you could spend an afternoon in Monet’s garden, would you explore the water gardens first, or the pink brick house? Even if you can’t travel there in person, you can join me there this summer. Pack your sun hat, and your dreams of Monet, Painting Monet’s Garden is coming!


Here’s a sneak peek at my new online class coming this summer, Painting Monet’s Garden!



Monet quote


Painting Monet’s Garden ~ An Online Journey

The countdown to Monet has begun! Have you dreamed of painting in gardens filled with the light and colors beloved by the impressionist masters? My newest online journey, Painting Monet’s Garden is coming!

Here’s your sneak peek….


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Blooming this summer!  Learn more…



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  1. Your garden photos are so lovely, what an inspiration to have such beauty at your fingertips when your soul wants to create! I had no idea that Monet painted from his own planned garden… I was an instant fan when the first Monet I ever saw in person was a giant water lily pond painting. It was heaven going to Giverny. I am sooo excited to start your Monet online classes, a dream come true!

    • Mary I so agree, I can get lost for days in one of Monet’s water lily paintings! Wouldn’t it be something to be in the garden watching him paint?

  2. I would definitely visit the gardens first especially in the spring when everything is coming to life. One day I’m hoping to visit giverny in person but for now I can’t wait for the online monet class 🙂 this is going to be my birthday present.
    I also lately started to listening to audio books while painting if (the idea I got from you Nancy) and my first book was Claude and Camille. It is among other things story about love and Monet’s early years as an artist before Giverny. I actually already got another book about him so I’ll be ready for our course 🙂

    • Iwona I’m so glad you shared that, I was just looking for audible books to listen to on Monet and this sounds perfecto!!

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