Ginger Jar Lilies and the Ghost of Windswept Manor

Ginger Jar Lilies
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

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Ginger Jar Lilies was my class demonstration in St. Louis, Missouri, this morning. I love the tall skinny formats, they’re so fun to hang next to doors and windows in tight spaces. The ladies in class today scored some home runs (note the baseball reference, St. Louis?) with their lilies today, painting in both oils and a few in acrylics. Tomorrow we paint French landscapes, and I’m a bit sad it’s already the last day with this fabulous group of ladies.

I’ll have to get plenty of rest tonight, it will be our French party day tomorrow, so I’m hoping the ghost doesn’t keep me awake tonight! What ghost, you say? *cue Ghost Gusters theme song!*  You may recall last spring my blog post on this fabulous historic manor where I am a guest each year in my home town of St. Louis. A dear friend is lovingly restoring her home, Windswept, (a house with a name! how cool is that!). Windswept was built by a ship boat captain in the early 1800s. It is full of beautiful woodwork, vintage brick walls, lovely creaky staircases with dreamy satin smooth wooden bannisters, lace curtains, antique glass windows, truly sigh-worthy.

My friend says ghostie, who happens to be the wife of the ship boat captain, only makes her presence known every few years. She’s moved pictures off of walls and laid them on the floor side by side, she’s moved things around on the front of the refrigerator, and she once scared a house guest out of his chair when he was sitting at the head of the dinner table and saw her standing at the foot of the stairs.

So here I am, with the whole upstairs to myself, after dark, all alone, typing this entry for you, and wondering, is ghostie reading over my shoulder, tssking at the silly visitor who has invaded her space and presumed upon her hospitality? Does she approve of my Cath Kidston bag hanging on her antique doorknob. Is she wishing she could try on a pair of my yoga mat sandals? As long as she doesn’t slam a door or knock a book off the shelf, she and I will get along just fine. If anything ghostly occurs, I promise to promptly report it to you right here on the bloggy! Sleep well flower friends, tomorrow is another day – to bloom!

PS – Congratulations to Paula McCurry and Karen Stevens, winners in my huge Facebook drawing last week. Stay tuned for more prizes and follow the daily painting (obsession) journey on my fan page!

The gardens of Windswept Manor

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