Looking for Angels in Rome and a Coliseum Closeup

Class Demonstration, Sonoma, CA

Lace Cap Hydrangeas and Cosmos
Oil on Deep Gallery Wrap Canvas


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Ciao from Roma! The adventure has begun, my first trip to Rome, to Italy, to Tuscany to teach flower painting! We have arrived with luggage and paints, even though we (I!) almost missed the flight from London to Rome because the airport had just too many great places to shop for perfume and candy. One of those situations that just couldn’t be helped. Already I am quite certain the thing I love most about Italy is the sky at sunset. It’s biblical!

This evening we had dinner with at the hotel, sharing a table with a famous children’s author, her husband, the owner of the hotel, and the chef, and then the hubby and I raced off to explore the Coliseum at sunset. I’ve shared some of my favorite photos with you here, and promise to share many more in the upcoming days. If you look closely, you’ll see the angels of Rome in one of the sunset photos! Let me know if you spot them. I’m going to try to get more photos of them tomorrow with the good camera.

Tomorrow we take the “fast train” (Italo!) to Florence, where we will be taken to our official flower painting headquarters. Let the poppy painting begin! Stay tuned for Tuscan color, gorgeous villages and markets, and more sunsets to come flower friends!

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