How to Build Brilliant Purples and New Pillow Designs in Flower Mound Studio

Glads and Daisies
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One of the perks of filming a new video this week is having a house full of fresh flowers! I gathered up the wildest color combinations and a plethora of petals for Glads and Daisies. Once I had the colors arranged just so (aka, an arrangement that makes my flower loving heart go pitty pat…) it was time to break out the paint! One of the colors I love to push past the boundaries of polite society is purple. To make a purple really pop, it’s always a good idea to shift the temperatures mid-stream. What does this mean? It means chunk in (a technical term, take it literally) red violets next to periwinkle blues. By having these two purples next to one another, you’ve placed heat and chill side by side. The eye loves when these things hang out together, the warms and the cools, all getting along like good neighbors, even though they come from different sides of the color tracks, so to speak.. Try this at home flower friends and let me know how it turns out, I think you’ll like it!

Speaking of fun colors in the blue violet spectrum, a couple of uber-squishable new pillows arrived in my mailbox today. Check out the colors and let me know what you think – Here’s the link thingy in case you feel like indulging in a few of these for your favorite perch!

Click here to indulge!

Cloudless Sky White Roses on a fun squishy pillow, suitable for your favorite perch!

   The flower models take a bow and a dip!

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