How to Build Vibrant Texture in Floral Paintings

Speckled Pink Coneflowers
Speckled Pink Coneflowers, 12X12, multimedia, information


One of my favorite colors to add excitement and texture to my oil florals is an underpainting of textured Quinacridone Magenta in acrylics. Just a little prep work with acrylics can give you an exciting backdrop of color, and ridges of chunky depth that play a part in creating a vibrant, multifaceted garden even with simple blossoms such as coneflowers. I’ve shared a step by step with you here. The part you won’t have to see is cleanup duty! My studio is looking a bit like a factory showroom, after all the parts have been disassembled and then reassembled, and spattered with paint.

I hope you’ve been enjoying this recent series of color journeys here on the Blossom Blog. If you have, please share the news with your flower friends, what a beautiful gift that would be to me!

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Magenta underpainting
Step One – First lay in a spiral of loose acrylic color in Quinacridone Magenta. Any brand or type of acrylic will do! I used Golden fluid here. Leave some thick edges for texture.


Dry the acrylic thoroughly
Step Two – Using a blowdryer, dry the layer of acrylic paint completely. Be sure the thicker bits are dry, too. You can also let it sit overnight to dry.



A cross hatch stroke
Step Three

Now it’s time to lay in oil colors. Use a cross-hatch stroke with a large brush combining three values of warm green. Be sure to leave openings so that gorgeous magenta can shine through. Looks a bit like a pastel painting, don’t you think?

Those last minute sprinkles
Step Four

After you’ve finished your flowers in oils, mix your medium in with some gold oil paint. Any brand will work, I’m using Fine Gold by Rembrandt here. With an old toothbrush, sprinkle gold dust liberally upon your blossoms! It’s almost like pollen is drifting through the garden ~ how cool is that?

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