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Pack your brushes and leave your passport behind, a new journey e-course is now open ~ Paint Brilliant Italy. Fueled by the magical light and centuries-old passion of the birthplace of the Renaissance, your Italian painting journey includes seven full-length lessons by master signature artist Nancy Medina, plus much more.

Start painting right away and in this six-week online class, rediscover a sense of wonder, peace, and joy with painting lessons conceived, inspired, and filmed on location in a castle where Dante once lived, in the poppy-filled gardens of a 1000-year-old abbey, and in the former home of a Bishop in the charming coastal village of Cartoceto. You’ll discover this hidden gem of Europe through the eyes of international videographer Joel W. Smith, who has filmed and directed breathtaking video footage in 20 countries during his career.

You’ll get 22 videos, including seven full-length oil painting lessons, studio tip videos, a taste of Italian life, weekly challenge lessons, and a final bonus lesson in multimedia to stretch your color wings, Nancy has gathered the best of her travels and teaching across Europe to create this all new online experience uniquely for you. This e-course is a feast for the eyes and your creative spirit, delivered to you from charming coastal villages to castles in the hills. Your lessons will be with you for an entire year, so you can return again and again to the sights, serenity, and beauty of the Le Marche region, near the heart of Italy, a colorful respite for your heart, soul, and muse.


What You'll Get

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“Nancy your other online classes have all been fabulous, but Paint Brilliant Italy takes my breath away! From the very first scene it is absolutely gorgeous! Well done! Thank you brilliant lady!” ~ Barbara S

“Italy really is a beautiful course. I had the chills with the opening. And just continually felt present in the moment and wonder of how fortunate I am to be experiencing this course. Thank you so much!” ~ Agnes F

“You have a wonderfully talented team. I LOVED the first lesson in Paint Brilliant Italy. I viewed it after 12 AM, I could not wait or sleep. I have enjoyed all the lessons and classes. Each one is a treat and a delightful learning experience. Thank you so much!” ~ Lynnda H


Six weeks of online classes open for an entire year

Six weekly oil painting lessons filmed on location in Italy
Weekly images and videos from the birthplace of the Renaissance - Italy
Membership in a Facebook flower family group (optional)
22 videos with tips, paintings and much more
A super-responsive helpdesk team every step of your journey
Access to all course materials for a full year

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I’m a gal who quit the corporate life, took the leap, and found her color wings! I left behind a job as the director of a national magazine to become a full-time artist and art teacher. One morning I had an epiphany – Life is too short not to follow your bliss!

Since then, I’ve worked with Disney, been invited to paint on national TV, and designed a new outdoor studio. Today life is very busy in my little studio in Flower Mound, Texas, where I have the able assistance of my pugs and hubby (he loves to cook, we love to eat, it’s Kismet!). I teach in France, Italy, and across the US, and am a master signature artist and instructor for the Dallas Arboretum in oils and acrylics. I’ve been painting every day for eight years, so I’m officially at the point where intervention or medication could be required, but no one has taken my brushes yet!

Most importantly, I wake up each and every day excited. I’m an artist and a teacher. Everything I paint, all that I know, I share with my students. My joy is in helping you be the best artist you can be. Navigating this journey of color and discovery is not just a job description, it is a dream come true. What a joy and an honor it is, to share it with you!


Do you have enough time?
Your lessons will be available to you for an entire year. I encourage you to watch the videos first, and then dive into the materials with paint brushes loaded! I’ve arranged all the lessons and experiences in a way that guides you through the beauty, the color, and the creative energy of the region, a place and light-filled space that inspired Renaissance painters.

New to painting?
All of my classes are designed step by step, sharing each tool, how I use the tools, and detailed information on each color and color mix I use. My classes are designed for beginning painters on up, with an emphasis on loosening up and learning to take joy in the painting process itself.

Been painting for years?
If you’ve been longing to approach your paintings with a brighter palette and more expressive style, this is the class for you. We begin every painting with a loose, abstracted underpainting in clean transparent color, and then build detail in the final steps of the painting, giving you permission to break the bonds of super realism and give your creative muse permission to fly!


“Nancy I've been quietly enjoying my wonderful online lessons in Painting Brilliant colors and the Painting Brilliant Colors Facebook community is the best. I can't say are a great teacher. This is a new world for me (painting) and as a beginner in acrylics, your lessons bring a daily smile to my face and my life. I've learned so much from you, Nancy. I can't thank you enough for sharing your bliss. By doing so, you encourage me to follow my own.” ~ Valerie B


“I just watched your online class. You can't know but you have succeeded in opening me up and helping me through my journey. I take care of my mother and she and my two girls are my only family. They found cancer in her kidneys and I am terrified. But this is such a happy place for me. I am overwhelmed and feel like I am under water sometimes. But I have this escape and it is like meditation. All I see when I paint is this. Thank you so much Nancy for giving me permission to say I am an artist.” ~ Elizabeth M


“I've been with Nancy since her first e-course and I love painting with her. Until Nancy, I was basically a failure to launch, always studying but rarely painting, so basically a dreamer. Thanks to Nancy, I paint now. Vivid color is something totally new to me, so I just try to follow Nancy's lead. Little did I understand at this phase of my life how much I needed vivid color, the colors over a period of time permeate your soul. I want to see the world like Monet meeting Disney and Nancy is spreading her magic across the globe. Newcomers, you are going to find her color healing and addictive.” ~ Patricia W


“This is my second e-course with Nancy and I am hooked. I find her use of transparent underpaintings and opaques to make every painting come alive fascinating. I am learning a lot and can see myself improving after every lesson. For one thing, my brush strokes are looser (weaned from a 2-hair brush to 3/4"), and I blend less. I wish you a wonderful experience from this class” ~ Kathy L


How to be more expressive and joyful in every subject you paint

How to give yourself permission to love your art journey

How to create beautiful temperature shifts for delightful nuance

How value is the first step toward a successful painting

How line work is the key to all composition

How to fill your studio with low cost “found objects” for your artist toolkit

How to travel with paints

Step-by-step instruction on how to build strong light and shadow in nature

The secret to nurturing artistic intuition and unleashing joy in the studio


How will the course be structured?
A new painting lesson will be added to your class page each week for a total of six weeks, with a full-length oil painting video lesson, studio tip videos, a challenge painting exercise, a taste of Italy video, and inspiring images and video tours from across the region. Can’t watch it on the day you receive it? No worries! You’ll have access to Paint Brilliant Italy for a full year, to learn and grow at your own pace. The lessons are hosted on Nancy’s web site, and hold all the content for you. You can share your experiences, encourage fellow students, and find inspiration from new painting friends in your private Facebook group during this exciting virtual trek across this beautiful region of Italy.

I’m an acrylic painter just learning oils, is this for me?
In Flower Mound Studio, I work in acrylics and oils regularly. While the full-length painting lessons each month are in oils, I provide guidance for my acrylic painters on screen, during the painting lesson and also in our Facebook fan page chats. In the full-length lessons, I provide palettes and supply details for acrylic painters, with acrylic color recipes to match the oil colors we will use in our videos, and the best approach to creating that loose, beautifully blendy oil technique with your awesomely fabulous acrylic paints.

What will we be painting?
We’ll be from flowers and landscapes conceived, inspired and created on site in the Italian region of Le Marche. Each week you’ll get to paint and experience locations throughout Italy from the comfort of your own studio. Included will be Italian pink poppies, scenes from village life, a field of sunflowers with a sunlit villa, and much more. The rest I’m saving as a surprise for you, so you have a fun, colorful gift to unwrap and anticipate each week. You will not just be painting flowers in this course… expect some landscape exercises in brilliant color on the menu! I use the same basic palette for everything I create, whether it’s flowers, landscapes, or gelato, so you’ll find that the combinations become comfortable and familiar with each new painting lesson.

Do I need high speed internet
Yes – it will help alleviate frustration. I have the best support team among e-course instruction in oils, so you’ll always have prompt responses to help you every step of the way.

What supplies will I need? 
A link to Nancy’s supply list  is provided here. I’m not fussy about the type of surface I paint on – I use stretched cotton canvas, linen panels, or ampersand gessoboards depending on what mood I’m in that day! The brush I use costs about $2, so keep four or five of these next to your palette. I do recommend saving your pennies on your surfaces and brushes and choosing professional quality paints.

Are the Italy lessons the same subjects as past videos, live workshops and e-courses?
All the content in Paint Brilliant Italy is fresh and brand new, never before taught online. All the lessons were filmed in Italy, and all the paintings are based on Italian themes, flowers, and locations in Le Marche. Each lessons in Paint Brilliant Italy was created especially and uniquely for you with love and care by a team of professional videographers, photographers, smart computer-type people, and one super-busy artist who had a lot of cappuccino on hand.

Can I share?
Please be mindful that is a private membership for those who have registered and paid. Please do not share or teach the content, videos, links, worksheets, photographs, slideshows, and materials. This is not fair play and I know you will respect that. You can, however, share snippets of your work and excitement on your blog and other social network sites as long as you credit the teacher!

Can I sell and exhibit the work I create in this workshop?
One of my intentions in this course is to help you develop your powerful and personal connection with painting from life. Your own style will show if you work from your own flower setups and photos. I’m happy for you to show and sell your own original, innovative work created. If however your work is more closely similar to the original paintings in my copyrighted lesson videos, I would ask that you don’t put those pieces out to exhibit or sell if they are close copies of my work. I trust that your heart will tell you what is too close.

Six weekly lessons filmed in Italy
A professional experience of weekly painting lessons, studio tips, color inspirations and more
Membership in a private Facebook flower family Email confirmation of your course details
Notification (and ticklers!) of the course open date
A super-responsive helpdesk team
Access to the course lessons for a full year

Italy price