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Petunia and Geranium container garden 20X20

Cultivate your creativity brilliantly all year long, through every season, with bold color and lessons that never expire for as long as you’re a member. Are you looking for inspiration, motivation, and full-length oil painting videos that share hands-on information every step of the way? The Joyful Brush is your new space to grow with Nancy Medina, a master signature artist who has worked with Disney, taught for the Dallas Arboretum, and hosts journey workshops in France and Italy.

TJB lavender and live oaks

Each month, in addition to full-length painting lessons, you’ll get downloads and studio tip videos, giving you a starting point to create and learn independently.  Joyful Brush does not require a large up-front fee. How can we afford to offer such high quality lessons at such a low price? The Joyful Brush is a subscription service, like Hulu or Netflix. As long as you’re a member, your lessons never expire, and monthly members can cancel at any time. Sign up for a month, or sign up for the yearly discount. Nancy shares every color and every recipe she is using, holding nothing back from her students.


Welcome to a new chapter and a new way to learn flower and landscape painting, The Joyful Brush. This is your dream studio online. Get all the color you love with studio tips and full-length lessons of up to 2 hours in length. For Perks members, get 28 full-length lessons right away. For Blossom members get 10 full-length lessons as soon as you sign up. With downloads and hands-on guidance to create eye-catching color in all your work, your lessons do not expire for as long as your subscription is active. You get a beautifully designed classroom experience each month, a new online painting lesson from start to finish, and more. Try one month, or sign up for a year at a discount. This is your safe place to bloom through all the seasons of your art journey.


Eleven full-length lessons available right away
Oil painting lessons of up to 2 hours in length
60 tip and resource videos
Lessons that never expire for active members
No large up-front fee required to join
Private Facebook group
Over 30 hours of archived content instantly available
Conversions and color guides for acrylic painters
Downloadable palette maps and supply guides

39.99 per month or 397 per year

Forty-two full-length bonus lessons available right away
Over 100 hours of archived content available instantly
Oil painting lessons of up to 4 hours in length
Lessons never expire for active members
No large up-front fee required to join
Monthly live Q&As
Monthly live critiques
Exclusive live painting videos
Private Facebook group
Studio tip videos
Conversions and guides for acrylic painters
Downloadable color guides and palette maps

59.99 per month or 597 per year


Nancy, I’ve just joined, and you and your team have done a fantastic job on the membership! I’ve already spent hours looking at videos and I’m so excited to tune in live tomorrow (and looking forward to the critique coming up in Petal Perks). So much goodness to experience! ~ Bev Walker


The Joyful Brush Menu

A brand new painting lesson delivered monthly to give you time and space to grow your skills, at your own pace. Florals, landscapes, and all the superpower color tips you can shake a brush at!


A little about me

I’m a gal who quit the corporate life, took the leap, and found her color wings! I left behind a job as the director of a national magazine to become a full time artist and art teacher. One morning I had an epiphany – Life is too short not to follow your bliss!

Since then, I’ve worked with Disney, been invited to paint on national TV, and designed a new outdoor studio. Today life is very busy in my little studio in Colorado Springs, CO, where I have the able assistance of my pugs and hubby (he loves to cook, we love to eat, it’s Kismet!). I teach in France, Italy, and across the US, and am a master signature artist and instructor for the Dallas Arboretum in oils and acrylics. I’ve been painting every day for eight years, so I’m officially at the point where intervention or medication could be required, but no one has taken my brushes yet!

Most importantly, I wake up each and every day excited. I’m an artist and a teacher. Everything I paint, all that I know, I share with my students. My joy is in helping you be the best artist you can be. Navigating this journey of color and discovery is not just a job description, it is a dream come true. What a joy, and an honor it is, to share it with you!


Will I have enough time?
Your lessons will always be waiting for you – and they never expire, for as long as your subscription is active. Each new lesson arrives one month from the last, giving you lots of time and space to watch, paint, or even save your dip into color for a future painting day in the studio! Want to go back to the previous year and review an old lesson? It will be there for you, for as long as you’re an active member.

Are all the video lessons new?
Absolutely! There are no recycled painting videos in this monthly course. Everything has been filmed and produced especially for you, and it’s all brand new!

Is this for beginners or advanced painters?
All of the paintings are presented step-by-step, for all levels of painters. Nancy is a generous teacher, and shares every color and every color recipe and combination while she is using it, throughout her lessons. Monthly critiques will be held, along with Q&As for Petal Perks members. Although she paints in oils, she also provides guides and conversions for acrylics, since she paints in them regularly.

Can I cancel my membership?
Monthly members may cancel at any time! It’s good to know that if you cancel, there are no prorated refunds. When you cancel, your access and billing is canceled, and your account is closed.


What is wonderful is Nancy’s process, you will start to build a fine art language that permeates all her lessons. Nancy is always sweeping up prior info, reinforcing and building new info in a humorous, poetic and dependable style. She has powerful consistency! ~ Patricia W


I’m loving Nancy’s online class. The class has brought my muse back in full force and I’ve been painting almost nightly. I’m painting when I’m supposed to be sleeping! ~ Magdalene


I am taking Nancy’s spring online class. My only regret is I did not know about her earlier classes. I love being able to see how she goes through the process as well as hear the explanation of why she does something. ~ Nancy H


Nancy you are the best teacher I have ever worked with. The amount of information and technique you are able to convey is amazing and I never get tired of studying with you. Thank you so much. ~ Kate N

Each new monthly full-length, oil painting lesson is unique, and Nancy shares every color and recipe she uses throughout each video lesson. Nancy participates directly and actively with her students in private Facebook family groups, and loves hearing from her students.

With over 1500 students studying online with her, Nancy has some of the best team members in the industry. Her support staff team is experienced, super-responsive, and professional.


Here’s what you get in The Joyful Brush:

Ten full-length lessons available right away for Blossoms

Twenty-four full-length lessons available right away in Perks

New painting lessons every month

Over a dozen resource and tip videos

Monthly Q&As and Critiques for Petal Perks

A teacher who shares every color and recipe she’s using

Two levels of membership to fit every budget

Monthly  members can cancel at any any time

A library of resource videos

Your own private Facebook group and flower family

Beautifully designed lessons that don’t expire

Lesson pages that are easy to navigate

Downloadable guides and take home tips


How will the course be structured?
A new painting lesson will be added to your account automatically once a month, with a full-length video painting lesson in oils, studio tip videos, and downloadable resources. Can’t watch it on the day you receive it? No worries! As long as your membership is active, each lesson will available to you for as long as your account is active, to learn and grow at your own pace. The lessons are hosted on my  website that will hold onto all the content for you, even after years of membership. The Joyful Brush Facebook page will be a positive place to bloom together – you can share your experiences, encourage fellow students, and find inspiration from new friends for the empowering flowering journey.

I’m an acrylic painter just learning oils, is this for me?
In Joyful Brush Studio, I work in acrylics and oils regularly. While the full-length painting lessons each month are in oils, I provide guidance for my acrylic painters in our Facebook fan page chats. In the full-length lessons, I provide tips on screen, with acrylic color recipes to match the oil colors we will use in our videos, and the best approach to creating that loose, beautifully blendy oil technique with your awesomely fabulous acrylic paints.

What will we be painting?
We’ll be painting a variety of florals, sunflowers, aspens, cottages, pansies, geraniums, ranunculus, poppies, daisies, wildflowers, bluebonnets, landscapes, and much more! The rest I’m saving as a surprise for you, so you have a fun, colorful gift to unwrap and anticipate each month. I will say, you will not just be painting flowers in this course… expect some landscape exercises in brilliant color on the menu! I use the same basic palette for everything I create, whether it’s flowers, aspens, or bumblebees, so you’ll find that the combinations become comfortable and familiar with each new painting lesson.

Do I need high speed internet
Yes – it will help alleviate frustration.

What supplies will I need? 
A link to The Joyful Brush supply list is provided here. I’m not fussy about the type of surface I paint on – I use stretched cotton canvas, linen panels, or ampersand gessoboards depending on what mood I’m in that day! The brush I use costs about $2, so keep four or five of these next to your palette. I do recommend saving your pennies on your surfaces and brushes and choosing professional quality paints.

Are the membership lessons the same as your videos, live workshops and ecourses?
All the content in The Joyful Brush is fresh and brand new, never before seen, taught, or shared, and created especially for Joyful Brush members with love and care by a team of professionals and one super busy artist who had a lot of caffeine on hand.

Can I share?
Please be mindful that is a private membership for those who have registered and paid. Those who are also teaching art classes are asked to disclose this information at registration. Please do not share or teach the content, videos, links, worksheets, photographs, slideshows, and materials. This is not fair play and I know you will respect that. You can, however, share snippets of your work and excitement on your blog, Facebook and other social network sites as long as you credit the teacher!

Can I sell and exhibit the work I create in this workshop?
One of my intentions in this course is to help you develop your powerful and personal connection with painting from life. Your own style will show if you work from your own flower setups and photos. I’m happy for you to show and sell your own original, innovative work created. If however your work is more closely similar to the original paintings in my copyrighted lesson videos, I would ask that you don’t put those pieces out to exhibit or sell if they are close copies of my work. I trust that your heart will tell you what is too close. Sharing your lessons on social media, however, and giving attribution and acknowledgment to me, as your the teacher, is a joyful way to help me spread the word!

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