Living Above a Pastry Shop, Oh My….

Run Wild – Red Poppies
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Italy and France 2016

We are just a few days away from the Big Color Reveal from Flower Mound Studio. Bright and early tomorrow morning, everyone who has signed up to be the FIRST to hear the big news will receive a special giveaway offer. Patience has its rewards, mio caro. In the meantime, because one is not challenged unless one has a few dozen plates to spin at once, I’m heading to beautiful New Braunfels, Texas, to teach this weekend, and then 2 weeks later we are off to Italy! And there are a few sugary twists in the dolci, so to speak. I learned just today, that our hotel in Italy actually owns the pastry shop downstairs from where my students and I will be staying. Which brings to mind a few key questions. *cue Mission Impossible soundtrack*

How early can one sneak downstairs to eat a pastry?
Are the pastries going to be under lock and key?
Is there a back door where multiple trips could go unobserved?
Are there burglar alarms in Italian pastry shops?

Clearly, I should be focusing more on what we’ll be painting, as well as our private tour to the Ducal Palace and childhood home of Raphael. We’ve also been promised some of the best pizza in the region, dinner on the Adriatic coast, a cheese tasting *oh joy!* led by the Einstein of Cheese, and an evening at Terracruda Winery for a dinner celebration and art show. They do say that one must plan for international travel well in advance, carefully mapping out one’s itinerary, proper wardrobe choices for appropriate activities each day, and shopping and eating strategies. Which reminds me, I wonder how late the pastry shop stays open. Hmmmm…. Stay tuned, flower friends, I’ll be sharing all the best images from my trip! Even if you can’t travel, I want to be sure you can see the colors, the texture, and the beauty of Italy.

Flower fields of Italia!

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